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Are you actually going to make us translate Oblivion script? I didn't study for this test. :P


Did you add that font to the CK yourself?  And I've never seen the readable book with the torn pages.  Is that new?  And if my toon signs the book, WHAT DOES IT MEAN?  *am scared now*

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Well, if your toon has high enough conjuration, they may be able to translate it themselves.


If not, you can probably pay someone to get it done.


Of course, that might not be possible without signing it first... :D




Oh, and the font is in already: $DaedricFont. The book was copied from Ahzirr Traajijazeri. No great thought going into it, I grabbed one at random to copy. It did work out rather well though :)

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Yeah, it makes it a pain to write as well.


I thought I'd pick out the capitals in red to help with that. Of course, that's a little undermined by the author's habit of capitalizing Terms Of Importance throughout.


Still, bit of fun :)

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I should be doing something else...but


It is hereby agreed that the Breeder Henceforth the Breeder shall render unto the Recipient Henceforth the Recipient assets consisting of three Cunts henceforth the Livestock in return for considerations already agreed upon To facilitate this transfer the Breeder agrees to appoint a Mortal Henceforth the Mortal who shall undertake to deliver the Livestock either to the Recipient or to the Recipients duly appointed Agent Henceforth the Agent


ITEM ONE The Livestock shall be identified by the soulsigil lifemarked upon this Contract


ITEM TWO The Recipient appoints the Argonian Seldom Still to as their Agent in the matter Should this change the Recipient shall undertake to inform the Mortal promptly


ITEM THREE The Mortal shall be identifed by the signature on This Contract

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Why wouldn't I sign it? What could go wrong?

Well, you could get stuck escorting three gorgeous, compliant women to an ever-changing rendezvous point with eye-watering daedric penalties hanging over your head if you fail to deliver your "best efforts"


I mean hypothetically speaking, obviously.

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