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Conglomerate - Abbreviations and File Types



? Conglomerate - Abbreviations and file types



An attempt to create a Skyrim glossary for abbreviations and file types.

Will grow over time the more I learn, for now it will only cover the basics.




  • SKSE = Skyrim Script Extender
  • SKSE.ini = Configuration file for SKSE
  • TES5EDIT aka xEdit = TES5Edit is the Skyrim 32bit version of xEdit
  • Plugin (general) = the esm (master) and esp (plugin) component of a mod
  • Mod = everything that modifies the vanilla Skyrim
  • LO = Load Order (all active Plugins)
  • UAC = Windows User Account Control
  • ENB = Boris Vorontsov: "This is the first and last name of a girl who was my muse for a long time, so to speak."
  • ENBoost = Boris's muse without a fanzy dress during the night.



File Types:

  • *.zip = compressed file with 7zip, can also unzip *.rar files
  • *.rar = compressed file with WinRAR
  • *.pex = compiled Papyrus script (machine code)
  • *.psc = not compiled Papyrus script, source code (code as text), can be compiled to *.pex
  • *.bsa = Bethesda Archive file, compressed
  • *.esm = Elder Scrolls Master (often also counted as Plugin)
  • *.esp = Elder Scrolls Plugin
  • *.ini = settings files that contain configurations
  • *,json = JavaScript Object Notation
  • *.xml = XML stands for eXtensible Markup Language



?️ Construction notes:


SL = Sexlab Framework
SLAL = Sexlab Animation Loader
DDa, DDi, DDx, DDc = Devious Devices assets, integration, expansion, contraption
ZAP (ZAZ) = Zaz Animation Pack 7 or 8 or 8+
MNC = More Nasty Critters (SLAL version)
BS = Bodyslide & Outfit Studio
AIO-P = All In One - Animated Pussy v 3.3 or v 4.0
UUNP = Unified UNP Project
FNIS = Fores New Idle in Skyrim
XPMSE = XP32 Maximum Skeleton Extended
USLEEP = Unofficial Skyrim Legendary Edition Patch
USMP = Unofficial Skyrim Modders Patch
SOS = Schlongs of Skyrim


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