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(Full Episode) Dark City 1



First sex-rim video I made is titled Dark City 1 - Tifa ambushed. Theme is simple, Tifa (from FF7) takes a stroll through night city and gets ambushed by insectoid monster (chaurus reaper). Guess what happens next :)


Video is quite rough around the edges, some clipping, body and face could use improvement, lighting isnt great, but then nobody creates masterpiece on first try. This was useful learning experience and basis for further improvement..




In case video doesn't load, it's also uploaded here: https://tinyurl.com/kdnbbwdr


Technical stuff:
Setting is halofarm's Aether Suite, I like it but it's very dark in many places and I only used Sexlab LightMeUp there to illuminate scenes. Lighting darker areas up for sex scenes has been real PITA so far.

Chaurus is just that, with Baka's ABC and all the mods that are required for it to work.

Body is All-in-one (CBBE?) HDT Animated Pussy, functional but kinda entry level body for sexlab purposes. Clam itself works but it's somewhat basic and I couldn't get textures inside it to behave. No anus physics.

Skin is what came with body package, Leyenda version in installer i believe.

Face is just vanilla Skyrim sculpt, you can see the blockiness - nose and chin are quite.. 'geometric'. No makeup. KS Hairdos.

Animations - BaboChaurusHuntingRape



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