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  1. And here is episode 2, continuing right where episode 1 ended. Disclaimer, this is where things take a turn and scenes become more forced. And less... consensual. This site being what it is, I doubt anyone will have a fit, but still, warning is in order. Most info was already written in previous entry, so let's get straight into it. This episode experiments with themes like mindbreak, ahegao, and with some graphic effects for added flavour. Not amazing yet, but maybe I'll hit goldmine someday. Animations again come mostly from Billyy, all the 3p stuff is his. With this video, this story ark is concluded for now - Lily really got enough this time - maybe I'll make more episodes in future, if inspiration strikes me. Or maybe I'll move on to new characters and settings. I would like to revisit Dark City someday, maybe make more Tifa content. Feel free to voice your suggestions. This video is 12 minutes in length and it was difficult to compress it enough to meet loverslab's upload size limits, but here it is. As always, additional upload offsite if local version loads too slowly: http://tinyurl.com/DevilEp2 Playing with devil ep2 11kR WMark LL.mp4 And last, some spoilerific spoilery spoilers from ending of this episode, for those who like to be spoiled. I would recommend watching the video first though...
  2. I have made video that spotlights your red demon and blue demon in detail, and their full... capabilities. In combat, you ask? No. Their other.. capabilities... Link: https://www.loverslab.com/blogs/entry/14271-full-episode-playing-with-devil-1/
  3. This is first of (so far) two episodes featuring Lily messing with even more dangerous creatures than before. What is one troll compared to two demons? The only problem is, you might just get more than you bargained for... These videos also spotlight two creatures from mod called Demonic Creatures, hosted here on Loverslab. Definitely spices up the game.. and what you can do with it. Fair warning, this mod's monsters are using animations from vanilla creatures. For example these demons are actually trolls, and animations in this vid are for trolls. Yet having different bodies, there is some small amount of clipping that can't be completely eliminated. I still believe results to be worth some minor inconveniences. Who isn't bored of the small variety of creeps in vanilla Skyrim by now? Game's decade old! That being said, it's modding scene is incredible. Decade ago, when Skyrim was classic Bethesda's buggy mess, who would have thought how far will mods take it? Just look at it... Animations in both episodes are mostly Billyy's troll and female masturbation. Specifically Billyy troll doggy 2, Billyy troll standing 2, in next episode also has his 3-person anims. IMO Billyy makes the best creature animations out there, followed by Anub. There are also some scenes with Babo (Bakafactory) submitting/neutralizing rape and few other minor ones I can't remember. Baka's animations are very wild, actiony, certainly impressive, but it is also difficult to align private parts against one another with all the wild motions. These animations are best recorded from afar. Full video is uploaded below, it's 10 minutes in length and whole story is contained within. In case this site has it's bad day again and video loads forever, it is also uploaded on rule34video: http://tinyurl.com/DevilEp1 196171010_Playingwithdevilep112kRWMarkLL.mp4
  4. It's COSIO body for Oldrim, it has working vagina. HDT-PE physics, dick is from Baka's ABC mod. Interaction is a bit tricky, I had to edit baka's xml files to stop vagina from opening to riddiculous width, then mess with bodyslide vagina settings for quite a while, because animal cocks are too large and it's difficult to make them fit. Then align things ingame with sexlab controls. Lot of work, but disfunctional or terribly looking vag would be deal-breaker for porn video, so what can you do.
  5. I would like to confirm, starting brand new character AFTER installing this mod is the only way I could get it working. With existing character I tried several reinstalls, messing with load order, tried different versions of Tools posted in this thread, tried making that SEQ file, nothing worked. Start new character, or you are screwed. Sucks.
  6. Lily's sexual experiments continue - this time she is going to play with devil himself. A very dangerous thing to do for your own satisfaction. Will she handle it? Or will she get more than she bargained for? Today's entry is mere preview, setting the tone. Full episodes, two of them, will be posted in next two weeks. This entry also allows me to spotlight certain demonic creatures from the best creature-adding mod here on Loverslab (or anywhere else). Can you guess it's name? I hope to use and introduce more new monsters from that mod in future, to spice things up. Environment in next two episodes will be very similar to previous Lily's endurance test, still space themed. I have used different hairstyle for Lily and whiter light to illuminate the scene. Other than that, mods and settings remain similar to last episode. Short video is uploaded below: Lily's BP trailer 1 MedQ.mp4 And lastly, two WIP images showing old hairstyle and scene lighting I originally planned to use, but changed later.
  7. Sure, no problem. SLIF is useful when you have multiple mods that can inflate character's belly, like Fertility or Soulgem oven, because then they conflict and belly just increase or decrease wildly, SLIF overrides that, makes them more compatible. If you have only one mod that handles inflation, it's not that important.
  8. You mean in SLIF? I don't use that anymore. FHU doesn't have such settings (I'm using latest, recently updated version LE), there is Animation length multiplier slider, but that's only for deflation animations. If some other version has that setting, or I missed that, then no, I use default.
  9. Yes, it is FHU, works well pretty much on it's own. I used SLIF for a bit only, but didn't need it, as I don't have any other conflicting mods overriding FHU. As for settings, set max belly size to what you need, default is 6, which is fine, up to 8 or 9 it still looks reasonable. Then global cum amount slider, if you go from 1x to 2x or 3x (which is max) there is lot of inflation at once.
  10. Probably about two hundreds of them, majority from this site. Previous 5 blog posts talk about the big ones, like body, skin, face, animation mods etc.
  11. Thank you for your hard work, IMO you are competing with Billyy for making the best creature anims out there. I have made video here on LL blog where something like 85% of the "hard action" is from your Anubs Troll Hold (ABC). https://www.loverslab.com/blogs/entry/14050-full-episode-lilys-endurance-test/
  12. At last, video called Lily's Endurance Test is out. That's the official name anyway, to stick to Subverse theme, where Lily is mad scientist running tests (that means sex) on her creations. Earlier working title was Cheery slut getting trolled hard. Bit of a mouthful. Anyway, standing at 11 minutes in length, I believe this is first video with high enough quality to be considered success, with body, face, light, camera work and supporting mods all improved over Dark City 1+2. There is still room for improvement in future episodes, such as making facial expressions more natural and fluid (tho that seems difficult to achieve in Skyrim), work on lighting dark areas better or improve scene composition and backgrounds. And eventually try different body mod altogether, preferably one with functional anus collisions. Animations used: majority is Anub's troll hold (ABC), to lesser degree Billyy F masturbation 3 and Billyy Troll missionary 2 In case video here doesn't work or loads super slow, it is also uploaded on rule34videos: https://tinyurl.com/22xeyxkv (Subverse) Lily Ep1 60fps 12k rate LL version.mp4 Comments and suggestions are welcome, if you have any.
  13. Yes, the face. The longer I looked at it, the less enthusiastic I was. Nope, not even remotely good enough. At the same time, making just decent looking nose in vanilla Skyrim seemed completely impossible. Damn. And so I decided to go on mod hunt for better head. CITRUS was my first step, and while the head looked better, better doesn't mean great. Also it was incompatible with facial expression mods, giving Lily in every sex scene expression of deranged clown suffering through massive enema. Pity I didn't think to record those crazy faces, I could have made comedy porn.. alas, too late now. Further search led me to vectorplexus forums and an excellent mod called Hi-poly Head. This one I genuinely liked, comparison between vanilla and hi-poly face below. There is small neck seam with this mod, and I couldn't find a way to fix it, but it's small price to pay for what it offers. While I was at it, I also decided to try new skin, and found Fair skin was nice upgrade over default COSIO. How it turned out is shown below. 1656688853_LilyEp1SFWTrailer.mp4 Further improvements: Switching recording from 30fps to 60 was an easy step, quality of footage grows, but so does file size... Lighting darker areas was another problem that needed solving. As spawning lights with console proved hit or miss (mostly miss, tbh) and needed constant reloading, I dug through forums, tried some mods, and settled on using Light Gems from SSAssist. Still not perfect, but now, at least, I won't have to make the song "Love in the Dark" my default video soundtrack. Next time we will get to the actual good stuff - posting full episode.
  14. Another area that needed improvement was breasts. Namely fixing some unnatural slopes and shapes. This was actually important, as I started to use First Person Camera mod (ifpv) and odd breast shapes really showed there. Luckily using bodyslide and racemenu combined could fix the problem fast. And so I chose the next character - Lily from the game Subverse, theme - running endurance test on her creation, setting - sci-fi environment helpfully provided by aether suite - and got to work. And after some serious effort, I created about 10 minute long steamy video full of hardcore sex scenes. Some very Work-In-Progress footage is uploaded below. πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯And then I dumped it completely, threw whole long video away and went back to square one.πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯ Next time explanation why. (WIP) Lily discarded footage.mp4
  15. Looks like you question was already answered in Billyy's animation thread. Cheers.
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