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About this blog

All content pertaining to my story, The Simsfather, Part I


SUGGESTION: Regarding the casting blog entries, find the entry that corresponds to the part of the story that you have not yet read.  For example, if you have yet to read the prologue through chapter 1, start with that blog entry.  If you have not yet read chapters 8 and 9, then DO NOT read that blog entry.  I will also detail where in the story a deleted scene falls in case you would prefer to first read the story.  Capisce?

Entries in this blog

“A Man Provides... Even When He’s Not Appreciated, or Respected, or Even Loved”

After becoming estranged from his mother, Vincenza, and kid sister, Frankie, Vito still ensures that his family is supported. Vincenza and Frankie come home from the farmer's market to a familiar sight - three duffle bags of cash - only this time, there is a pleasant surprise. // Vito sits alone, a foreshadow of his increasing isolation as the head of his new crime family.  

Vito Surprises Rosa with a walk-in closet!

Upon finalizing the expansions to their first home, Vito surprises Rosa with the final design of the walk-in closet!  Coming from a lower class family who had to scrape to make ends meet, Rosa is ecstatic to find the possessions that she and Vito now own.  She is well aware of how her husband makes his money, but as long as he uses his powers for good more often than not, she could get used to this kind of life 🙂  

Solidifying Power - How to Distribute Drugs

Solidifying Power - How to Distribute Drugs In addition to the shipments in Strangerville, The Scaletta Family did not limit itself to one form of transportation.   They eventually formed delivery routes in the air and in the sea, expanding their control on the distribution of drugs in Willow Creek.  While awaiting distribution, delivered drugs would be stored in the rising amounts of warehouses that Vito has established.     Due to the increased presence of law enforcement, creat

Dealing With The Simkuza At The Strangerville Border

Summer 1946   Upon his return from Sulani, Vito continues his dealings with the Simkuza.  Monthly shipments are transported to the Strangerville border, where Joe and his crew retrieve it so that it can be marked for distribution.   Joe: "This is a far cry from those vans we used to use."   Max: "This is the largest shipment yet.  Pretty soon we'll be needing boats to haul this stuff."     Unhappy with their current arrangement, Vito and Wei Che

The Engagement Sex

I meant to post these with The Engagement and The Engagement Photoshoot, but it slipped my mind.  Here they are for you now!  There was great ambience given that this was in the winter in Granite Falls.     After accepting Vito's proposal, Rosa and Vito don't even make it into the bedroom.                                

The Honeymoon - The Naughty! Day III

An inside look at the naughty fun Vito and Rosa had on their honeymoon in Sulani.  A baby may or may not have been conceived during this trip!   Day III - Vito and Rosa were adamant in exploring the island today - after all, they only rented the beach house for 7 days.  Still, their hands couldn't help but wander in the early morning.  Something about the ocean air in the morning has this couple acting different!      

The Honeymoon - The Nice!

Vito and his new bride, Rosa, take their honeymoon along the sunny coast of Sulani.   Buying a beachouse in Sapphire Shores, the couple enjoyed their first vacation as a married couple by traversing the sandy beaches and windy hillsides of the various neighborhoods in Sulani before returning to Willow Creek and their "new life".                            

Willow Creek Stories: Maximo's Recruitment

This the back story for Max Scarpetti’s recruitment.  It takes place before Chapter 16 of “The Simsfather”.   (Max getting off shift)   Boss: Hey!  Where do you think you’re going?  The grill still needs to be cleaned and the trash taken out!   Max: (Sighs)     (Punks throw trash on the ground carelessly)   Max: Hey - are you gonna pick that up?   Punk 1: (Scoffs) That’s what you are for, greaseball.   (punks laugh)

Solidifying Power - Understanding The Main Rackets

Vito consolidates his power by investing in nightclubs and brothels, common rackets for the mafia in the 1940s.  Along with his dealings with The Simkuza, the "low hanging fruits" of prostitution enhanced Vito's power as one of most powerful syndicate heads in Willow Creek.   La Bamba - A bright spot for celebrities and high-ranking mafia members alike.  Only the sexiest and most 'ambitious' girls work the poles in this establishment.   The Vanilla Unicorn (Mrrakk

The Engagement

Here are some candids from Vito's engagement to Rosa.  These are the base game animations as I wasn't using poses just yet.   Vito and Rosa vacation in Granite Falls, where Rosa saw snow for one of the first times in her life.  With an empire on the horizon, Vito was prepared to give Rosa a surprise that she surely had not experienced - a proposal.   Rosa: What should we name him?   Vito: Francisco - after your father.   Rosa: (coyly) What if it is a girl?
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