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About this blog

Hi everyone, with this, I would like to introduce the variables made to my Skyrim. It is set up for naked gameplay . Everything presented is carefully selected for the development of the game style .


Let's start with a sound variable. Below, the voice during the launch of the Destruction Spell, and the applied BBP effect...



Entries in this blog

Nier Automata

Nier Automata  preset for Racemenu   Requirements :    UUNP / CBBE SMP Skeleton for armor    NieR Automata Armor english V.1.5  Download with Google Drive . In the Set, also the hairstyle applied in Racemenu    Nier Automata 2B - RaceMenu Preset v2  racemenu Preset with Sculpture    The Witcher 3 Eyes   Better Females Eyebrows - Standalone        

Combat Style : Shinobi

Fighting style: Shinobi Combat Mods employed for this style: Skyrim in Sekiro   Shinobi Combat - Sekiro in Skyrim This mod allows you to transform a fight in pure Ninja style. It adds improvements to the Skills, inserting the necessary to have fun in the Stealth. Some Skills will change their name and others are added including, Redem, the most useful of all . In the blink of an eye you find yourself starting with a minimum level of 30 . The Burglary Skill splashes at level 100 . The S

Tempest Attack

What to say ? Remember the Heart of Stone from FFVIII , or, if you prefer,  Omnislash from FFVII . Any other mod is irrelevant .    Simply, download, extrat, copy / drop into Skyrim Data folder, active plugin, enjoy. Read the description for more information  Tempest (Vindictus Cyclone)      

Lust : Preset for Racemenu

Preset for Racemenu generated by follower: Lust the Succubus with Hig Poly Head :  High Poly Head Lust The Succubus preset  and all requirements    Equipment in video :   Venus Collection CBBE BODYSLIDE HDT TDN Equipable Horns ( Dragonbone Horns) Kaw Claws-Colored Long Nails for nails  Crimson Blood Armor Elemental for ring and weapon 1Handed Sword (Rapier)     --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Notorius Dress CBBE HDT with Bodyslide

Necessary :    Original mod    UUNP Notorious Dress Preset Download all files ( gloves , boots and horns , are not part of the mod )   Bodyslide with CBBE HDT or Claim of Skyrim (COSIO CBBE HDT Physics)( Active Build morph for Body.tri ) Outfitstudio XPMS or XPMSE with HDT Physics   SKSE with all HDT files XML   into Bodyslide Outfit/body import Notorius , into Preset import your body morph ( I use combination with COSIO + Tyrande) , active Build

C5Kev's Drauger rags Armor

Mod in video :   COSIO + CBBE Tyrande(nude)  for body  Baka Factory for HDT - PE  for 3bbb HDT Amy Mie follower for sword ( Weapon Solaze) Skyrim Improved for gained EXP DX Crimson Blood armor for ring Equipable horns for Horn(Dragone style) MF_Radiant_Prostitution_Gigolo for amulet C5Kev's Draugr Rags Armor UUNP  for armor with fire spell incorporated  IHUD and all requirements Soul quick menu and all requirements A Matter of time 

PSQ Transform with bat cloud

Requirements :  PSQ + PSQ Transform Package  Animated Dragon Wings AIO  XPMSE with HDT Physics   Mod in video : IHUD + all requirements Dark Soul HUD + all requirements A Matter of time [Dint999]  : for KSHairdos HDT (Hairstyle Sky084) Kaw's claw :  for nails Dem Ritual  : for shoes  Claim Of Skyrim  : for HDT Physics Tyrande (nude) :  for bodyslide preset physics Widget mod + all requirements Equipable horns Feathre

Flare . Destruction magic

With my Brother  Lisander68 , Modification of the Flarestar mod. Damage increase, color adjustment, spell variant during cast preparation, Magicka cost reduction. In game, requires Destruction Master level .   It does not require specifics. In game, Additemmenu / Flare, read the book . If you liked it, and want the variant, just ask    Original mod :  Flare Star LE   Before (Original)        After(Modify)    

Serial Strip

Wandering around on LL, I came across a post 8 it escapes me whose it is), where a series of mods were requested that were used in a video. Among the responses was a possible list also containing SerialStrip. Intrigued by the name I went to look at what it was. Well, it is a series of animations of undressing of clothing .   Requirements   Skyrim Sctipt Extender (SKSE), SkyUI, Fores New Idles in Skyrim (FNIS), PapyrusUtil   Mod  SerialStrip v1.1.4  Follow the instru

Billyy SLAL : F + Horse + Horse

I begin by saying that I was unaware of the existence of this animation. I had already experienced the classics: Troll, Gargoyle, Rieklings, Drugher, Falmer. Then I asked myself: does it also work with horses? The animation was activated with Match Maker.  Now, I'm going to focus on finding 3 horses in Skyrim to see if that animation exists as well.  After modifying Match Maker, nothing is impossible (or almost) for me, animation is enough   Match Maker extended actors    

TES5Edit modify ESP (2) : How to add permanent effect

RPGs like Skyrim, in generic form, put us in difficulty in proportion to the game, in the initial stages, that is, when we are not able to compete and, forced to look for easily knockable enemies, or reduce the difficulty of the game (but not always it works) . What is our biggest penalty? Obviously, too short a life .   Today I show you the procedure for permanently inserting a spell in our favorite armor. Requirements, of course, TES5Edit and, in case, your custom armor .   

TES5Edit modify ESP (1) : How to add Heels Sound

As per the title of this blog, I show you how to edit an ESP with TES5Edit . Necessary, of course,  TES5Edit   Once installed, after it has finished uploading its data, you will have a page with all the Plugins installed in your Skyrim (ESM and ESP) . Many of us know how to make certain changes, but many don't know, and maybe they find themselves downloading a mod that can be inserted         From here, right click on the page and Select none to tur

Nusbie voices : Demon 1

Today I present to you the voice I use in Skyrim during sexual intercourse. It is about  :  Nusbie's Voices for SexLab 1.5 . To be able to use it every time my PG reaches maximum excitement, I downloaded the mod, extracted the files, searched for the audio most congenial to me (Demon 1), renamed all the files (22) im hot_moans_01 and so on up to 22. After that, copied pasted in Skyrim data folder / Sound / fx / SexLab / vFemaleMoans01 / Hot . In game, MCM / SexLab voice setting menu, s

Dirt and Blood

It happens that we get dirty: blood, mud, earth and whatever else makes us look "dirty", including sperm. At some point we may find ourselves with the desire to clean up .   Requirement for cleaning :  Dirt and Blood - Dynamic Visual Effects  With this mod, we will "get dirty" a little more, but the purpose is just that. To make sense of the cleanliness of your body .   You can clean up with the spell shown in the video, using soap, or just waiting for it to rain  

PSQ + Succubus Race replacer wings

In this video, I replaced PSQ's Dragons Wings, without using Mutagen and without adding any other mods. In standard, PSQ uses Dragon Wings. Below, necessary mods, explanation for the replacement and demonstration video . This method is also applicable to Succubus Race, as it can transform  and fly     Mods used for this result:   XPMSE with HDT physics PSQ +PSQ Transform Package Fomod : ( this addons necessary for folders meshes and textures ) . Animated Dragon

Match Maker extended actors

So, according to the original mod  SexLab MatchMaker - Updated 09/17/2014 Rev 7 ,  MatchMaker is intended as a simple proof of concept mod for the SexLab Framework. It will give the player two spells, a target and a self version called "Irresistibly Attractive". When used it will apply a magic effect for up to 3 characters, including the player . Will it be true?   For this variable I have not used CK, Blender, and no changes have been made to scripts .   Changed the number o

DW ( Dripping When Aroused)

Here, I will not present the entire mod list, as they are irrelevant to DW. The visual effect is presented, and the settings in MCM to reproduce it   Dripping when aroused LE 2019-07-06 and all requirements . Install with your Mod Manager , select CORE , without change anything .  Coupled with the ABBA mod   Arousal Based Breast Adjuster for Skyrim LE (ABBA) 5.4.2 , there will also be messages about the state of desire .   Effects reproduced: Blurred vision : 


A new preset Elvyra    Mod in video :   Elvyra preset  Elvyra - follower and preset and all requirements [DINT999] KSHairdo's (sky084 hairstyle) HUD menu and all requirements Soul quick menu Dreamlace for outfit Tyrande for bodyslide preset  Heel Sound for The Bat shoes (outfit by COCO) PC head tracking ( to move your head )   Lux the Lady of Luminosity Voice Mod - PC Head Tracking and Voice Type Evelynn Agony's Embrace  for sneak voice

Update my SlaveTats

Added new tattoos for SlaveTats (ver 1.2) applied to Rosa Round Bottom Mod in screen :  Rosa Round Bottom and all requirements; SlaveTats and all requirements; IHUD menu and all requirements; A matter of time  Amotsimbol.rar 1.0.0 PSQ + PSQ transform package; Equipable horns ; Kaw's claw; DX Vampire Stalhirm ; Widget mod .   New tattoos is :  for belly " My pussy is hot , try it " for legs " I want your sex ( right leg ) ; my

PSQ Transform with reptile skin + Transform package

Mods in this video : Immersive IHUD +all requirements Customizable Ui Replacer Customizable UI Replacer Optional (soulquickmenu style) A Matter of time + all requirements ( Amotsimbol.rar 1.0.0 for variations simbol) Widget mod + all requirements Soul quik menu + all requirements Equipable horns (Dragonbone horn ) Ars sweet nothing ( for lingerie) Dem V2 Lady Ritual , for shoes MF_Radiant Prostitution Gigolo , for amulet Kaw's Claws , for
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