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Billyy SLAL : F + Horse + Horse



I begin by saying that I was unaware of the existence of this animation. I had already experienced the classics: Troll, Gargoyle, Rieklings, Drugher, Falmer.
Then I asked myself: does it also work with horses? The animation was activated with Match Maker. 

Now, I'm going to focus on finding 3 horses in Skyrim to see if that animation exists as well. :mrgreen:

After modifying Match Maker, nothing is impossible (or almost) for me, animation is enough   Match Maker extended actors




Mod in video for animation 

SexLab and all requirements

MNC ver _11_2 and all requirements

Creature Framework v 1.1.0-pre2 and all requirements

ABC Baka Factory HDT-PE 1.34 and all requirements (And all be for rieklings, true wolf)

SexLab Match Maker v7.7 

Billyy SLAL v 3.1 with creature pack 

XPMSE latest version with HDT physics

SL Anim Loader

COSIO Full HDT (Claim of Skyrim) CBBE

Bodymorph for female : Tyrande (nude) preset for bodyslide





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THAT's the prove that horses speak Russian(?) and MNC/CF manages to show 2 dicks in HHF animations lol


Can you list what you have installed and what versions?




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