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About this blog

Hi everyone, with this, I would like to introduce the variables made to my Skyrim. It is set up for naked gameplay . Everything presented is carefully selected for the development of the game style .


Let's start with a sound variable. Below, the voice during the launch of the Destruction Spell, and the applied BBP effect...



Entries in this blog

Nier Automata

Nier Automata  preset for Racemenu   Requirements :    UUNP / CBBE SMP Skeleton for armor    NieR Automata Armor english V.1.5  Download with Google Drive . In the Set, also the hairstyle applied in Racemenu    Nier Automata 2B - RaceMenu Preset v2  racemenu Preset with Sculpture    The Witcher 3 Eyes   Better Females Eyebrows - Standalone        

Lust : Preset for Racemenu

Preset for Racemenu generated by follower: Lust the Succubus with Hig Poly Head :  High Poly Head Lust The Succubus preset  and all requirements    Equipment in video :   Venus Collection CBBE BODYSLIDE HDT TDN Equipable Horns ( Dragonbone Horns) Kaw Claws-Colored Long Nails for nails  Crimson Blood Armor Elemental for ring and weapon 1Handed Sword (Rapier)     --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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