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About this blog

Welcome to the Official Companion Ivy 6.0 Support & Development Blog!

So you've followed instructions.. and.. you've made it! Welcome to the new Blog for Companion Ivy 6.0! This blog will feature several entries where you can read important announcements (the important announcements blog), technical support for Ivy (the technical support blog) and development updates (the main blog). For all new content and news about Ivy, it's best to subscribe to this blog so you stay tuned of important announcements.


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Entries in this blog


Chapter 1: The Return of The Pelican King   "I can't reach anyone on the radio. Fuck this fucking planet! Where are we anyway?" "I don't know and I don't care. All I know is that we're here to find some kind of underground facility." They both wiped the mud from their visors and searched through the storm in what was once a near perfect M class planet. "This used to be a paradise." "That's just rumors. Stop babbling and focus." They reached the coordinates and found the ca

Ivy Goes to Nuka World

When Ivy requests players to accompany her on what seems like a simple fetch quest inside Nuka World, they quickly learn this might be one of the most important and pivotal moments in Ivy's life. "Ivy goes to Nuka World" is the final affinity quest for Ivy, wrapping up her personal story. Will you be able to help her set things right? Or will you fail and face the consequences? Ivy 6.0 will be released on 30 December 2021.     Tips & Tricks for playing Ivy Goes T

Walkthroughs & Gameplay Help

Welcome to the Gameplay help section! In this spoiler filled section you will find complete walkthroughs (speed-run type) videos of the HyperCombat and main Affinity quest for Ivy. If you are stuck in the game, or would like to discuss gameplay mechanics of Ivy then this is the place to be!   Here's how to recruit Ivy     STEIN'S CONSTRUCT:     OLD WALKTHROUGHS (SLOWLY BEING REPLACED WITH NEW ONES) Here follows the complete

Technical Reference and Modders Guide

Technical Reference and Modders Guide Welcome to the technical reference and modders guide! This guide will help anyone that wants to fiddle around with Ivy's internals, or any modders that want to use Ivy's ESM as base for their mods. This guide explains the different globals, quests and variables you can find to either manipulate Ivy inside your mod, or get info from her current status to integrate with your mod. If you have any specific questions while you are creating a mod with Ivy's E



Development Blog & Updates

Development Blog & Updates This is the blog where new developments for Ivy are talked about, shown and discussed. Have an idea for Ivy's new version? Come here to suggest it! Interested in the latest developments? Come here to check it out!   Current Development Status: Finished development.   Current development status: - Working on finalizing 5.2. for release to testers. Will take weeks more. - Preparing 6.0 with the VA, working on finding

Documentation And Technical Support

Technical Support So it's not working as expected? Don't despair! We're here to help. Post in this thread if you are in need of technical support with the mod.   Attached you will find the documentation for Ivy 5.0. You can find this same documentation in game, in the NX-2C Controller Holotape.   Do not hesitate to ask any questions, should you have them!   Ivy's Affinity Quests - HyperCombat! Kicks off after speaking with Ivy and Ivy has en


UPDATE 29th December 2021 IVY 6.0 RELEASED!!!!   UPDATE 4th December 2020 This year has seen some weird things, shifts on all theaters: From political to sociological to cultural and generational. We've been shaken, influences are pulling on threads that are like roots, bound into the fabric of our culture and society. Dialogue is stifled with violence of thought and action. Ears are closed and many of us have been scared this past year. Pandemic, elections, crazy t


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