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Development Blog & Updates



Development Blog & Updates

This is the blog where new developments for Ivy are talked about, shown and discussed.

Have an idea for Ivy's new version? Come here to suggest it!

Interested in the latest developments? Come here to check it out!


Current Development Status:

Finished development.


Current development status:

- Working on finalizing 5.2. for release to testers. Will take weeks more.

- Preparing 6.0 with the VA, working on finding the perfect sound for Ivy.

- Working on the Multi Follower Mod that will be officially supported by Ivy.


Currently there are 2 known bugs & issues:

1) Sometimes Ivy incorrectly disables her teleporter, thinking that the BOS is in the vicinity, or disables it even after the player has made the BOS and enemy.


CAUSE: Unknown, cannot be reproduced.

WORKAROUND: No known work-around at this time, but it only happens VERY sporadically.

FIXED: This should be fixed in 5.2. Cannot be reproduced by myself or testers, but new safeguards should solve that in 5.2.


2) Sometimes Ivy 'hangs' in a talking scene with settlers, making her unresponsive.


CAUSE: Fast traveling when Ivy just started this scene, or is in the middle of it. It's sometimes hard to recognize because she could still be 'walking towards' her speaking partner. After fast travel, this partner is lost, locking her until she close enough to that speaking partner (e.g. the settler she wanted to speak to).

WORKAROUND 1: Find the QUESTID for quest name: _ivy_SpeaksWithNPC then reset that quest like this:

 - Type 'help _ivy_SpeaksWithNPC' in the console, press enter, then note down the Quest ID.

- Type 'ResetQuest <Quest ID>


WORKAROUND 2: Go back to the settler she was speaking with, backtracking the settlements you recently visited usually fixes the problem.

FIXED: This has been fixed in 5.2.

Edited by Reginald_001


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Development Update

Packed the final build for the testing team, saw I'd forgotten 5 images that come along with a book in the mod. Will need to re-package. But stuff like that? It's just small stuff.. you forget to pack something.. the CK excludes it from your export somehow.. no problem. All fixed and a fresh (final?) test build will be released later tonight.


The build is looking great. And we're scheduled for a release, roughly 27 hours from now...



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Repackaged the build due to some minor last minute finds from the testing team.

I can now finally tell you what the end size of the mod is: 325 MB.


So that should be quite doable to release on LL itself.

More updates soon.

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Development Update

Working on the last tweaks and finds. A camera angle that's off here and there.. adding some gorgeous artwork by @kchurchjr to the in-game book.. working on the package to make it all final. Doing the last tests.. it's crunch time!


These shots are of lower quality as they come from a stream I was doing, over at Discord: https://discord.gg/MEAYVex










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Development Update.

1:44am at time of writing, I'm uploading the final testbuild for the team to test out. Will this be the build y'all be playing tomorrow after a good night's sleep? I hope so. It all looks great though. We've been in the process of tweaking more than anything else these past 2 weeks..


Hold on to your hats cause she's a'comin soon!

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Thank you so much from all of us. You might be a doctor, but you have a brain, a heart, and a sense of humour - a rare combination in my experience.




Here is my Ivy 5 ready to leave Red Rocket for our adventures. Everything is working just perfect so far...



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2 hours ago, dosfox said:

Thank you so much from all of us. You might be a doctor, but you have a brain, a heart, and a sense of humour - a rare combination in my experience. Have a rest for a while you have certainly earned it!


Here is my Ivy 5 ready to leave Red Rocket for our adventures. Everything is working just perfect so far...

I'm SMASHING the like button, but all it gives me is this:


But she must LOVE that sword! :D

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55 minutes ago, dosfox said:

I'm wondering if that Ero Selene Armour will make more of a mess on the way out with her teleport combat?

Count on it! :D

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Development Update

The release is done and I'm working on the documentation side. I've just (nearly) finished the Technical Reference & Modders Guide for people that want to start modding Ivy. It's also interesting for people that want to check out and read about Ivy's internals, how she functions and what kind of globals she uses.



The build seems stable so far!

Around 1500 downloads, together with the GDrive and I've not heard of any major bugs yet (some small beans that will be picked up in an update coming soon). Some people did not get the spanned release of the ZIP. That was problematic, so a google drive alt was added. All good there.


So that means on to the next phase for Ivy: Ivy 6.0

Which will be another awesome thing to look forward to. I will be continuing where I left off with the development for Ivy.


Ivy 6.0 will receive

- More random interactions with unique NPC's (as in MUCH more)

- HyperCombat attacks

- A (finally) finished Nuka World DLC.

- An updated and fully configurable scanning system.


Did I mention we will be announcing the new voice actress for Ivy in January or February, as soon as we've worked out the perfect voice/character for Ivy?

Did I also mention she's a frikkin' genius? Never mind.. I will.. soon enough. :P

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Development Update for Ivy 5.2

I've been working on fixing the reported small bugs and am working a release (5.2) to be released within 2 weeks from now. For that release I've finally come around to adding more custom animations for Ivy's speech dialogue. To get this far I had to write an application that could help me place these animations into certain topics easily. And for that I have to first categorize these animations, so I can then apply them to certain topics and lines for Ivy that need extra emphasis. The idea is to make her feel more alive during her conversations with you.


So give an idea here's one of the videos I made today while testing out these animations for her. There's no sound in the video (was working with my headset and that doesn't allow full duplex over bluetooth but it's the animations that count.



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Development Update Ivy 5.2.

WHAT A RIDE TODAY WAS! 12 hours of non stop working on what should have been a simple thing. With help from @Flashy (JoeR) and the wonderful LLamaRCA over at Discord I managed to finally create an auto-sheath system for Ivy. The problem was as follows: I had added hundreds of small little dialogue animations to Ivy's dialogue topics, but when she was carrying her gun and pointed at her heart, the gun would clip through her body. So I had to find a solution. The solution was to have her unequip her weapon while she speaks with you. Easier said than done. The problem was the overriding follower scripts. After many failed experiments I managed to write a robust system that allows Ivy to automatically unequip her weapon (and re-equip it) as soon as she starts speaking with the player (and subsequently stops).


This changes many chats with her, giving her a more relaxed stance and demeanor while chatting with the player. And it allows her to be far more expressive.


(Warning: Ivy uses some nasty language, but I guess you're used to that)


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Development Update for Ivy 5.2.

Getting closer to this release. I've been working a lot on making her dialogue more dynamic. Some of it works really well, some of it is still misplaced and should be different. Luckily I have a good and quick process for adding these and I can change them up as I see fit with the Voice Artist/Dialogue Tool I wrote called SkyFall Dialogue Exporter (SDE).




So the process is just clicking and choosing the right animation and then pressing 'apply'. Nothing more than that. :)








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Development Update for Ivy 5.2

Been playing a lot today and am streaming most of it to the discord stream channel, remember you're always invited to come watch as I test and debug Ivy (and Darryl).



Today I've fixed some anims that were inappropriate or didn't work right in game for what Ivy was saying, I've added the white Bull Barrel as moddable barrel for the .44 with the same stats as Ivy so players can now mod their weapon to look like Ivy's. I could always imagine Ivy explaining the player how to make one so I finally got around to putting it in. You don't have it right away. You need to earn the recipe by establishing a love relationship with Ivy, after which she hands you the mod and recipe to make it.


I've done some minor tweaks to Ivy's HyperCombat, trying to make her fall on her ass a little bit less. I've also removed her teleportactor script which was a leftover from the vanilla integration. Most of that is gone now. Ivy is still dependent on the follower script, but no longer overrides the followers quest, since 5.0. This means a far great compatibility with mods that 'do stuff' with companions (I'll leave it at that).


I am also tweaking her scans even further, so  she only scans locked safes, only scans items that are more close by (so you don't start searching for ages) and I've been tweaking her NPC chatter routines. While working on all this I have kept a save going on purpose to ensure that any changes I make are compatible with your current savegames!

In fact, I'm going out of my way to prevent this from happening for 5.2.


It might need to happen though that you need to temporarily dismiss Ivy, before upgrading to 5.2 from 5.1. This is to ensure her scripts are re-initiated when you recruit her. This is a simple as telling her she is dismissed, saving your game immediately, loading your game immediately after saving, walking up to Ivy again and recruiting her back. In other cases, where the measures were more extreme (e.g. the way that she now relaxes when you start to talk to her and puts her gun away on her own accord) are achieved by adding an extra quest, instead of working with her main script. This way I could ensure that nobody needs a clean save for 5.2 to work.


I have addressed all bugs that I've heard about, but her 'hood' is still open so to say, so if there's things you want addressed, speak now or have to wait until 6.0.



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Development Upate

I've been fixing features and adding features to Ivy. Small list:


- Fixed many dialogue bugs

- Fixed gap in affinity dialogue 'how do you feel about us?'

- Added Ivy's Mutfruit Pie

- Added Ivy's Spare Secondary Backup Processor Quest

- Added 600 custom animations to her dialogue.. found out she can't be sitting for those or it screws up.. so I'm now in the process of making that work well.


Happy New Year!!!!

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7 hours ago, Reginald_001 said:

- Added Ivy's Mutfruit Pie

- Added Ivy's Spare Secondary Backup Processor Quest

- Added 600 custom animations to her dialogue.. found out she can't be sitting for those or it screws up.. so I'm now in the process of making that work well.


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On 1/1/2020 at 4:28 AM, Reginald_001 said:

Development Upate


- Added 600 custom animations to her dialogue.. found out she can't be sitting for those or it screws up.. so I'm now in the process of making that work well.


Will this address the same problem with crouching? Sometimes while sneaking around Ivy will stand up to make a comment and blow our cover.

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5 hours ago, dosfox said:

Will this address the same problem with crouching? Sometimes while sneaking around Ivy will stand up to make a comment and blow our cover.

That's a vanilla bug, because she's part of the regular follower system. I might look into it, but it'll likely not be easy to fix without migrating all of that dialogue to a new system.

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1 hour ago, dosfox said:

A few more buggy things to report, but is this your preferred place for bugs and suggestions to be posted? There are several fora now for Ivy, but this seems to be the logical one. I'm sorry if these have already been mentioned somewhere else.

  • Corpses left by Hypercombat attacks are not always consistent with the type of attack, e.g. non-gibbed telefrag victims.
  • Ivy's body state when returning from hypercombat attacks is not always consistent with the type of attack. e.g. returning unbloodied from a telefrag attack on a soft-body target, or returning blood-and-gutsed from telefragging a robot or gen-1 synth.
  • Because many Hypercombat attacks are too far away to see clearly, it would be really cool if Ivy could announce the type of attack she is going to do before she teleports away. Or a VATS-style cam zoom on random hypercombats would be very cool!
  • Ivy still wants melons and tatos to put in her hair when i am harvesting settlement crops...
  • Ivy's chatter routine continues during AAF scenes she is involved in, e.g.  MSWL or Shenanigans. Sometimes funny, usually out of context though, it would be better if it could be suppressed.
  • Ivy's chatter routine during CWSS idles (washing, bathing, showering, toileting) continues, but it is unnecessary to stop that.
  • I put the Hypercombat Firmware Upgrade holotape into a storage container after using it. The firmware upgrade was successful. Today i took the holotape out of that container to transfer it to another one and that seemed to trigger the Hypercombat Firmware Upgrade quest again. Ivy still has full Hypercombat ability but the quest is sitting in the inventory and cannot be completed/removed.

Thanks why don't you join our testing team to make it official, on Discord?

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Development Update

Despite being sick (flu etc..) a lot of things have been happening for Ivy. Next to debugging minor issues, the following have been added these past few weeks:


- Ivy now gives you her bull barrel mod at one point if you reach high enough affinity.

- A complete SECOND affinity quest has been added and will be released soon, featuring nine different locations.

- Many tweaks and bug fixes.


During the second affinity quest, the player and Ivy will follow the trail of Mercy/Deborah and her gang, as she made her way into the Commonwealth. You'll be finding journals and more clues into Ivy's backstory in this treasure hunt type quest spanning over nine different locations in the Commonwealth.



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LUUUUUVING this HyperCombat!!! But at the moment if we want to use Ivy's Hypercombat on an enemy we have to:


1. Identify Target

2. Locate Ivy (usually having to turn around and lose focus on target)

3. If Ivy is not close enough, Teleport her to player, then turn around again to locate her.

4. Select Ivy (and suffer the lag as you drag out of her focus)

5. Reacquire target (the smarter ones have already taken cover or shot you by now!)

6. "Shoot" Ivy at target


An improvement may be to actually select Ivy when the NX2C Local Teleport Signal is used.  If we could select Ivy with the Teleport Signal and not be forced to focus on her, a Hypercombat attack could be reduced to:


1. Identify target

2. Press Teleport hotkey

3. Shoot Ivy at target.


Is this possible!? Even out of combat this would be useful as we usually teleport Ivy to either talk or trade with her anyway.

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