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It... it just happened ?


A perv guide to get a relative stable Skyrim LE

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Conglomerate - Limits of Skyrim

Conglomerate - Limits of Skyrim     250 (of 256) active plugin limit for Skyrim LE Active esp and esm Plugins count against that limit Max Plugins: 250 from my experience lower is better. A lower number also allows to add plugins later to the game at the end of the LO Symptoms with  >250 Plugins: game becomes unstable CTD randomly on game start (restarting directly after th


donttouchmethere in Tech Support

Conglomerate 01 - Skyrim LE Essentials: Installing Skyrim, Stability Fixes, Tools

Conglomerate 01     This guide is for Skyrim LE: Terms for "Skyrim LE": Skyrim Legendary Edition Skyrim + the three DLC: Dawnguard, Hearthfire, Dragonborn Skyrim 32bit version + 3 DLC Highly recommend additional Skyrim LE guides: 2020 Skyrim LE Stability Guide STEP Skyrim LE v3.0 For more Skyrim related links: Conglomerate - Links   For Skyrim SE check

Conglomerate 02 - ​Core Mods

Conglomerate 02 - Core Mods   ✍️ This page is intended as an overview how to create a basic Setup before adding more Mods to a Load Order. I call the listed Mod combinations "Core Mods", because they are the base - or minimal requirement - for most lewd Setups. I just copied step by step what Mods I usually install first - followed by a functionality check ingame - before even thinking about adding anything else from LL or Nexus. The blog was created with NMM mechanics i

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