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Strip Club and Prostitution for WickedWims

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Hello guys! The question is simple. Is there any mod that allows to create a strip club. Custom job that allows girls, created or actual in the world, to go to the strip club and satisfy random people who go. I know there is a mod called WickedJobs, but I need to control the sim to call a customer and the action can be perfomed in the domestic unit. 

Shortly, a mod that allows to create strip clubs where random girls (or created by me) can go and work. The rest is as a point of interest either (Like a spa, gym, etc), other people can go and "pay for sex".


I hope to have explained.


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There are, I believe, 2 or 3 premade strip clubs floating around in the downloads section but you can just make one yourself (One looked really cool but the sims couldn't use the poles). If you don't have it already, you need Azmodan22's Bondage Devices for the poles and a cage and other stuff if you want. You can then turn the place into a club/bar and give it the Hypersexual trait. It helps to add flirty objects. But you still will basically only get a bunch of people dancing/talking while 2 or 3 people randomly go and have sex in the bathroom. There's also Konansock's WhickedWhimsClubInteractions mod but i haven't used it recently since the autonomy was improved so I have no idea if you can get sims to use poles on their own.

I wish there was a way to make NPC sims do specific interactions but as far as I know there is not.

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For the prostitution side, you have the WickedWorks that works very well. But you can not choose where they go when a WW session is started.

For the strip club side, there are a lot of mods that can allow you to create one (and even sometimes have sims that go on the pole).

The first thing is to find them (good luck!), I recommend you to find those of Azmodan22 and Klaxon. These are those most furnished furniture, lighting, paintings, various objects, outdoor decorations, wall, floor ...

And then, to make your imagination work.
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11 hours ago, robert21213 said:

It's possible to make? Or there is something like that?


You can create a building that look like a brothel or a strip club. But that's all, only cosmetic


WickedWork is a mod that add prostitution - it's very early developpement, and have few and very basic features for now-


As i say: No, nothing for now.  Maybe in the future: WickedWork, will extend into something like that.


NB:   I don't think TurboDriver will ever develop a brothel, or stripclub feature in WickedWhims since it will require the addon Get to Work. And he want to make WW without addon features.

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On 2/19/2018 at 7:24 PM, robert21213 said:

It's possible to make? Or there is something like that?

There's also a mod called WickedJobs (https://www.loverslab.com/topic/86791-jens85_wickedjobs/) that offers Camgirl and Prostitution.  I've used it before in the past and it's pretty good.  But for strip clubs, I used to just make a regular club and give it a few traits and download Azmodan22's bondage devices (https://www.loverslab.com/topic/70768-bondage-devices/?page=1) which offers a stripper pole and then just make them do stuff like lap dances with the WickedWhims animations.  That's really the best anyone can offer at the moment since no mod creators have really released anything along the lines of a strip club.

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Are there any mods to own a strip club, hire strippers, waitresses, etc. 


With this mod you can buy a 'BAR' or 'LOUNGE'. https://littlemssam.tumblr.com/post/175385330458/more-buyable-venues-and-new-venue-types-this


GET TO WORK allows for you to hire waitresses, chefs, hosts, etc. So we are almost there.


Has anyone done animations for a stripper career? We are almost there so it seems pretty close.

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8 hours ago, TangledTaurus said:

I know this is a old topic but Wicked Whims has one, Strip Clubs - Let's Dance. This link will take you to the tumblr post about it and you can download it through Patreon. Since it's not a public release, you would need to be a Patron at Tier 2. I downloaded it a few days ago and am having fun with it.  

This was exactly what I'm looking for, thank you!

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