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Great addition! But is this a rabbit-hole kind of job or you can "work at home"? You could make watching romance channel as a opition instead of the porn in the web, it will work well with Airandy's mod that replaces the romance channel for a porn channel


It is a rabbit-hole by now, I thought in some point to make a NPC service that you can hire by phone, that may be one of the big changes I want to add.


The channels is a good idea, I'll need to ask Airandy about this, these interactions must be updated to fit with this career, but that is a change that must be made in his mod.



Do you plan to put your plans here as well? type, what you plan to do in future updates.



I'll do, there's so many things I want to add, but I'm not sure which ones are in my capabilities (or are even possible) and which not.


going to download this! the requirement files confused me @_@ I was looking for another add on called WickedJobs. Can't wait to try these out!


Easy, there are 2 .rar files in the download page. 0.131b is for TS4 version 1.31 or higher, for other versions (not lower than 1.25 were tested) 0.1b. Just use one of these, depending on your sims version :).


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Thanks, I have auto updates turned on in Origin, so think I am fully updated. I never know how to see my version lol but the 131b seems fine ^_^. Epic mod so glad it's unisex! now I can finally make some male porn stars.

I appreciate your feedback

Is actually very easy ;)


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In the Prostitution branch I wonder if it is possible to work from home?

That is something I have seen many people asking for but never delivered.

A Prostitution mod compatible with WhickedWhims, which basically consists in receiving cash after an animation, but it can also go much further, with new traits, aspirations and moodlets.

So much potential, almost makes me wish I wasn't a peasant and knew how to mod.

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Really interesting mod, I was wondering though most jobs have little windows that pop up for giving a good or bad mood, Since this is a job towards sexual stuff would it be possible for some thing like that to be made where some one ask the person if they'd have sex and a random chance that if the person accepts it they could get randomly pregnant with another sim?

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