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  1. De Nantes à Montaigu, la digue, la digue .. De Nantes à Montaigu, la digue du cul !
  2. I agree, but no. I can share them, so you can merge them to the mod. byzantine.7z Add the DDS file with the other in gfx/interface/advisor and the GFX with the other inside /interface
  3. It's me or the skeleton for human is very limited ?
  4. GG, first porn mod on CKIII, congratulation
  5. New version, should fix the byzantine portraits I'm not really testing my mod since it's mostly just a resource for the cosmopolitain mod, which i recommend. But if you find other bugs please report them. Thanks for playing, hope you enjoy the mod.
  6. I don't see why we need a sub forum for CKIII yet. There is one topic for the game and that's enough.
  7. Complete 3D model confirmed
  8. In a game where the main appeal is stuff like, murder, incest, religious warfare, all that kind of funny stuff. if you start to censorship something from 1000 years ago because you might find it offensive today. What will be next ? Everything that make the game fun could be censored. That's why people get pissed off by it.
  9. i don't know how much you know about installing mods in EUIV, so ... the mod is advisors.7z you need to unarchive it into your mod folder. you should have then 2 files Advisors.zip advisors.mod The game read directly from Zip archive (why is there a zip file named advisors_script in the download section, you may ask. Well i uploaded the wrong file ) also you should consider checking the cosmopolitan mod, his thread and the dsicord channel where you could find more help
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