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  1. I opened my strip club and has everything it specifies, I didn't get many customers and the ones that did came and went. I have 3 strippers walking about to charm them and a few on the poles, their charming skill is incredibly low. Does this increase over time or is there a way to employ sims with higher rated skills?
  2. Derp. I think it the anti-virus I was using on Firefox. Opened it up on Chrome and it's fine now, thanks for helping :)
  3. No clue this was even a thing, checking it out now. Hopefully it's compatible with WhickedWhims?
  4. Thank you, I'll look into them. I wish there was one where you could get your employees to dance and prostitute themselves, one can dream
  5. Hey, I have all of the DLCs, expansion packs, etc but I have yet to use them all to their full potential. I have WhickedWhims and a prostitution mod called "Hoe It Up", and I just downloaded a Sex Shop/Brothel from Noir however I am unsure of how to properly use this. What lot trait would I use so as to get sims to go there, recieve lap dances, sex, strip shows, etc for money? The second floor to the lot has many rooms, and I would like for customers to go there and have sex with my employees. Is there a tutorial that helps me know how to do this or is there some kind of work-around that achie
  6. Thank you, I actually didn't know about the teleporting thing!
  7. Hello, I'm pretty new to all of this stuff and was wondering if anyone has yet to create any cages for BDSM stuff? I'm currently working on a dungeon but can not find such items. I know I can make them myself but it'd be cool if there was a cage where it'd let you place the sims in there rather than having to 'lure' them into a room or area and then lock the door. It's quite a tedious process and can get annoying if I am in my dungeon with multiple sims lol. Plus, I'd rather have them gain positive moodlets from being in a cage rather than getting upset because I basically trapped them there m
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