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Anyone Into Building Adult Lots? (Showcase Your Work)

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Like strip clubs, sex clubs, etc.


I built a strip club for the first time and found it hard to do with tiny lots. 30x20 isn't much but it will have to do due to lack of space in other places.


Here is the exterior






Here is the interior with the bar, DJ booth, and two poles. Being worked by two lovely ladies-ADMIRAL ACKBAR WARNING!






We even got four private dance rooms for lap dances. Sometimes the strippers will even offer more than a simple lap grind for the right price.






There's even in the far back two bedrooms for VIP sessions. Only the most loyal and fat pocketed customers can use them. Also you mustn't be with the police. Unless you're a stripper wearing a cop outfit.





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The great work is from all the wonderful CC creators, I m still a beginner, just puzzle around. I m curious but much too stupid just to recolor CC items.


Everyone can easily build this rooms (I m a very bad architect too ;-))


The "curtains" are walls you can find it here:



Many thanks to Darkening Demise for this thread!



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On 22.1.2018 at 7:14 AM, deathbywesker said:

Wow, nice creations! :blush: Building lots is what I lack creativity in though mainly because I'm too lazy and I can't build for sh!t. xD I just download, edit here and there and redecorate to my liking. 


I mostly use EA Lots as well - but to use the cellar options and build and style a big room for adult gaming is very easy and interesting too and does not ruin the more or less normal look of the lots. ;-)  

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A lot I'm working on, Downstairs is a bar/strip club and adult shop, Upstairs has a private bar, Private booths, Porn studio & Camgirl studio, These are the only screens I've taken, I've set the lot as retail so it is ownable, Items can be bought from the shelves (at huge mark up) I have basement drugs and pre made drinks laid out on the tables of the private bar also for sale, One of my sims is becoming very rich from all the clubs that hang out here

TS4_x64 2018-01-18 22-13-52-57.jpg

TS4_x64 2018-01-18 19-22-06-29.jpg

TS4_x64 2018-01-18 19-23-52-75.jpg

TS4_x64 2018-01-18 19-22-13-17.jpg

TS4_x64 2018-01-18 19-22-39-84.jpg

TS4_x64 2018-01-18 20-15-30-57.jpg

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I currently have all expansion, game and stuff packs installed.



Here are the files for the Panty Popper Lot. (Hope it's all there).


I have included all the custom content I used on the lot. (except for the cctv cameras)


NOTE: Most of the custom content can be found in the download section of this site. Credit goes to all creators.


Lot files go in tray folder.

Package files go in Mods folder.





Panty Popper CC.rar

Panty Popper Night Club.rar

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Hello everyone. There are probably experts here. Can tell you who. It costs 2 mods. Wiked and Basemental. It struck me to create a strip club. Everything is fine, but I want there to be not only a striptease, but also sex. How to set up all this business so that there is also sex?

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18 hours ago, Luana_Amber said:

Hello everyone. There are probably experts here. Can tell you who. It costs 2 mods. Wiked and Basemental. It struck me to create a strip club. Everything is fine, but I want there to be not only a striptease, but also sex. How to set up all this business so that there is also sex?


You mean, like brothels? You'll need Nisa's Wicked Perversions mod to have prostitution in game and assign sims you want to be prostitutes. If you want your sims to just have sex with each other in your establishment, like a sex club, in WW settings turn the chance of autonomous sex to high.

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I shared some of my creations in a different topic, but here are some snaps of a renewed Chrome Geisha.


Basically, I wanted the idea to be much clearer from the looks of the establishment. Here's a picture of an ad for it from a billboard I made:




The bar moved to the first floor and now there is a dancefloor too.





But the private dance rooms stayed how they were.





The underground floor now has a bar too as well as the dance spot.








Behind the doors is another dance place.





And yes, Don always was a very generous sponsor of Chrome Geisha since the very beginning. 





The second floor has a chill out zone with candy machines and the like.





It also has an arcade room where one is able to watch some beautiful dancers too.





Huge thanks to the creators of anime posters and clutter, it all has found its loving home in Chrome Geisha or a house where girls live and work. 


Here are my two other strip clubs I posted earlier: Greasy Palms and Red Room.



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"Follow the Velvet Rabbit" - advertisement on one of the streetlamps.


It seems like the place just sprung itself in one of the wealthiest neighborhoods of Willow Creek, both upsetting and intriguing its residents. Everyone knows that it is some sort of invite-only club for the rich, some may even heard that it's some sort of a sex club, but sure it is much more than that. Otherwise you wouldn't need an invite and a NDA to get in.




First thing you see when you go in is a usual strip-club setting: a young girl on the pole, men around throwing money at her. She will always be dressed in a bunny costume: they all are, it's the way you distinguish the workers from the clients.




Behind a closed door there is a managerial room, but no one really knows who owns the club. So this person must be in there all time, right? Maybe.




There is a lounging area with a bar in it. That's where you have an option to socialize with other customers and meet some really interesting sims. Which ones? We won't tell you. NDA, you know.




You probably want more though, so you go upstairs. There is another bunny, dancing in a golden cage and a mini-bar where you can meet the workers. They can offer you a more personal approach and will lead you through the door.




There are rooms labeled "Private" where for a truly extortionate price you can have a lapdance.




Or more, for even greater amount of money.




If they see you as a fit candidate, one of the workers may even invite you in a storage room with stairs that lead up to the sexy wonderland. There you can have anyone you want any way you like for the right price. The pure debauchery starts right in the corridor and continues in the rooms where you can have the time of your life.




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