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  1. Have you tried Kijikocatfood's hairstyles: http://kijiko-catfood.com/category/the-sims4/ts4-hairstyles/page/5/
  2. deathbywesker

    Share Your Male Sims!

  3. deathbywesker

    Soul Calibur 6 Interest?

    Yesss, those giant dicks with the hearts, I've seen way too many of them back in SCV. I use to mod SCV back in the day and the results were interesting...
  4. deathbywesker

    "What are you playing" thread

    Soul Calibur 6, Breath of The Wild, Bayonetta 2 and too many others to list on here.
  5. deathbywesker

    Share Your Female Sims!

    Another elf sim.
  6. deathbywesker

    Share Your Male Sims!

  7. deathbywesker

    create a simself ^^

    There is a similar topic like this over here:
  8. deathbywesker

    Get Famous Expansion Pack Coming November

    I'll wait till they have this on sale.
  9. deathbywesker

    Help, please! I can't find these anywhere.

    Sorry, I should have been more specific with my description. I use 7-zip to unzip zipped/rar files, so I assumed WinRar would do the same thing but thanks for your input.
  10. I was planning on making an Aki/Akiza sim or a sim inspired by her but it's the same thing, lack of cc or pretty much finding anyhting that looks decent.
  11. deathbywesker

    Share Your Male Sims!

    I'll upload and share him eventually "maybe" but I don't think I'll be able to right now. I'm still in the process of updating my sims from the seasons patch and I don't know what will happen coming in the November update, but hopefully it's nothing major. I also have a bunch of wip sims/ projects that I haven't finished or started yet.
  12. deathbywesker

    Get Famous Expansion Pack Coming November

    "EA games, *whispers* challenge everything."
  13. What a handsome devil, and I got the death by wesker right away, it's resident evil code veronica right?

    1. deathbywesker


      Thank You.  I got the name from Resident Evil's Wesker and Nina Williams' game Death by Degrees. I never actually played her game though.

  14. deathbywesker

    Male Butt Enhancer

    There is a body preset you can try by redheadsims: https://redheadsims-cc.blogspot.com/2018/07/bodybuild-presets.html It does give the male body a bigger BUTT if that's what your looking for.
  15. deathbywesker

    Help, please! I can't find these anywhere.

    Try right clicking, it should give you the option to extract the file.