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  1. Thanks! I didn't make it, but it's a small recolor I made for his hair. You can find the Dante-ish hair over at S4simomo (it's under the unisex hair folder and first file "Almond Hair.") If you want the hair I used for Vergil, you can get it at Rusty.
  2. Hey, just wanted to say I love your Machinima's and the stories you put together are incredible. I actually saw the first one on Naughty Machinima. Anyway, keep up the good work and can't wait to see more. 😜
  3. New Vampyr Hair: s4simomo Monster Teeth: sewersims Sweater: wistfulpoltergeist Stitching Tattoos: kyimu (They don't exist anymore but...) -kyimu-patchwork_bodypaint_skindetailver.(Simblreen2017).package -kyimu-patchwork_bodypaint_facepaintver.(Simblreen2017).package -kyimu-patchwork_bodypaint_tattoover.(Simblreen2017).package
  4. Height test, no edits besides cropping and cutting.
  5. Updated my satyr sim, I think he looks better now. No Edits
  6. You're probably familiar with Plazasims and Cosplaysimmer already and VariSimmer is someone I just recently discovered. All listed content is patreon or timed exclusive. VariSimmer: Alexis/Asuka (This is the only sims 4 conversion I found so far.) Tifa (Dissidia NT model) Cindy Plazasims: Cindy: (Hair not included) Cosplaysimmer: Tifa: (PSP Dissidia model)
  7. I found an Alexis outfit on deviant art, but I forgot the creator’s name. They also have a Cindy and Tifa conversion but sadly they aren’t free. I’ll add links here though if your still interested.
  8. If it helps, I use a lot of Pralinesims’s eyes: https://www.thesimsresource.com/artists/Pralinesims/downloads/browse/category/sims4-eyecolors/
  9. Buy the packs like everybody else, or wait till ea/maxis has sales on certain expansion packs, stuff packs or game packs you want. Also, I think they give you the option to build your own bundle with the base-game.
  10. I did make a male satyr sim awhile back, but sadly he's not up for download: I'm using some of these parts for him now: Pyxiidis (Satyr set) Natalia-Auditore (Satyr set, and Illidan set but they are on Patreon)
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