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Osex animation not working--help needed


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Lately, I have not been able to get osex to run.  OSA appears to be working just fine, but when I start up osex, the characters just sort of fuse together and do not animate. 
My fnis log looks like this: 

FNIS Behavior V7.0 1/12/2018 6:10:51 PM
Skyrim 32bit: - C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Skyrim\ (Steam)

Skeleton(hkx) female: XPMS2HDT (115 bones) male: XPMS2HDT (115 bones)
Patch: "SKELETON Arm Fix" 

Reading 0Sex_0MF_D V?.? ...
Reading 0Sex_0MF_K V?.? ...
Reading 0Sex_0MF_M V?.? ...
Reading 0Sex_0MF_R V?.? ...
Reading 0Sex_0MF_S V?.? ...
Reading 0Sex_0MF_U V?.? ...
Reading 0Sex_EMF_A V?.? ...
Reading FNISBase V7.0 ...
Reading FNISCreatureVersion V6.1 ...
Reading FNISSpells V5.0.1 ( 0 furniture, 0 offset, 9 paired, 0 kill, 0 chair, 0 alternate animations) ...
Reading XPMSE V6.1 ( 0 furniture, 0 offset, 0 paired, 0 kill, 0 chair, 164 alternate animations) ...
Reading _ESG_0ER_F V?.? ...
Reading _ESG_0ER_M V?.? ...

All Anim Lists scanned. Generating Behavior Files...
Alternate Animation mods: 1 sets: 16 total groups: 30 added file slots: 170 alternate files: 164

Create Creature Behaviors ...

1751 animations for 13 mods successfully included (character)

Any idea what could be causing this? Help would be greatly appreciated. I can provide more info if needed. 
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On 1/12/2018 at 3:36 PM, AgentCarolina said:

I mean do you have everything installed? SkyUI SKSE lastest version

whats your load order here?

EDIT: Check the gender patch in FNIS and see if that helps

I tried checking the gender specific animations through fnis and had no luck. And I have installed skyUI and SKSE.

Here is my modlist, in case that helps anything.


63407,"Adopt Aventus Aretino","","Adopt Aventus Aretino 1.7-63407-1-7.7z"
74474,"Adrian-Standalone Follower","","Adrian Standalone Follower-74474-v1-10.zip"
34881,"AE Animations","","AE Animations-34881-1-33.zip"
34147,"aMidianBorn wolf armor and skyforge weapons","","aMidianBorn skyforge and wolf armour_grey version-34147-2-1.7z"
70495,"Amorous Adventures","","Amorous Adventures-OSA-CLEAN-70495-3-2-1.7z"
35767,"Animated Animal ears for humanoid","","Animated Ears 1-35767-1-1.rar"
4307,"AOF Believable Hair -Female and Male-","","AOF Believable Hair 1_3_2 -Female and Male--4307-1-3-2.rar"
16225,"Apocalypse - Magic of Skyrim","d2017.12.25","Apocalypse - Ordinator Compatibility Patch-16225-.zip"
16225,"Apocalypse - Magic of Skyrim (main)","","Apocalypse v945-16225-9-45.zip"
53754,"Arissa - The Wandering Rogue","","Arissa - The Wandering Rogue 2.2.2 Release-53754-2-2-2.zip"
56670,"Armor and Clothing for Kids","","Patch for All DLCs-56670-v3-0.7z"
65613,"Art of the Catch","","Art of the Catch 1.0.1 Release-65613-1-0-1.zip"
21377,"Automatic Variants","","Automatic Variants"
21377,"Automatic Variants 1","","1_Bellyaches Animals AV Package-21377-1-0.zip"
59174,"Av pack","","Automatic Variants pack - Made By PUEHRINGER - 2K textures-59174-1-0.rar"
50918,"Bards College Redux","","Bards College Redux-50918-1.zip"
17339,"BAT - Bigger Argonian Tails","","Bigger Argonian Tails v1_0_2-17339-1-0-2.rar"
69681,"Battlemage Armour (Female)","","Battle Mage Armour 1.5-69681-1-5.rar"
46509,"Beast Race Vampire Fang Removal by Skywyze","f1.00","Beast Race Vampire Fang Removal-46509-1-00.7z"
65636,"Become a Bard","","LPBards_5_0_6b-65636-5-0-6.7z"
37404,"Become a Skooma Dealer","","Become a Skooma Dealer - Hard Sell Version - Newest Update-37404-3-0a.zip"
64352,"Beggar's Brawl Arena v1.83","","smfArena1.83-64352-1-83.rar"
3621,"Bellyaches Animal and Creature Pack","","NMM Pack or Manual Install High Res-3621-1-7.7z"
65943,"Better Khajiit female body Texture for UNP and CBBE body","","Better Khajiit UNP v 3.0-65943-3.zip"
31665,"Better Makeup for SKSE","","High Res Female Face Makeup for SKSE -Softer Edition--31665-v1-1.rar"
9717,"Better Vampires 8.1","","Better Vampires 8.1-9717-8-1.zip"
13005,"Bottle That Blood - For Vampires","f1.07","LFox Bottle That Blood 1_07-13005-1-07.zip"
64798,"Campfire - Complete Camping System","","Campfire 1.11-64798-1-11.zip"
46703,"Cart and Carriage Havok and Physics FIX","","TouringCarriages-SOS-Fixes-46703-v1-0-0.7z"
74680,"Change Pronouns","","Change Pronouns-74680-1-0.7z"
12092,"Cloaks of Skyrim","","Cloaks of Skyrim 1-2 -12092-1-2.rar"
14950,"Convenient Horses","","Convenient Horses v5_0-14950-5-0.zip"
5941,"Coverkhajiits","","1_coverkhajiits male version-5941-1-0.rar"
5941,"Coverkhajiits (female)","","1_coverkhajiits female version-5941-1-0.rar"
73449,"Craftable Hearthfire Planters - Campfire addon","","Craftable planters 1.1-73449-1-1.7z"
64779,"Craftable Temperable Thieves Guild Armor","d2017.12.25","Main File-64779-.zip"
72725,"Crash fixes","","Crash Fixes v12 - Beta 4-72725-12.zip"
82520,"Dark Brotherhood HD armor retexture","d2017.12.25","DB armor retexture 2k-82520-.7z"
6709,"DIMONIZED UNP female body","","UNP BASE Main body V1dot2-6709.7z"
83559,"Diverse Dragons Collection 3 (DDC3)","","Diverse Dragons Collection 3-83559-4-1-3.zip"
78896,"Druid Outfit","","Druid Outfit-78896-1.rar"
10304,"Eevee the Magical Fox Companion","","Eevee the Magical Fox Companion V3.6-10304-3-7.zip"
58695,"ELECTRIFY","","ELECTRIFY v3 x1024-58695-3-0.7z"
60,"Enhanced Blood Textures","","1_ Enhanced Blood Textures 3_6c NMM -60-3-6c.7z"
27043,"Enhanced Lights and FX","f3.04","1_Enhanced Lights and FX-27043-3-04.7z"
54509,"Familiar Faces","","FamiliarFaces_1.1.5-54509-1-1-5.7z"
35303,"Female Facial Animation","","Female Facial Animation-35303-2-0.zip"
58980,"Fences of Skyrim - No more flickering fences","","Fences of Skyrim-58980-2-0.zip"
75951,"Fix Lip Sync","","FixLipSync v1-75951-1.zip"
52235,"Follower Goes on a Trip","","Follower Goes on a Trip 0dot3-52235-0-3.zip"
11163,"Frostfall 3.4 Release","","Frostfall 3.4.1 Release-11163-3-4-1.zip"
59174,"Garm patch","","1_True Wolves of Skyrim - Garm the Husky Patch - 2k-59174-1-2.7z"
33061,"Garm the Husky Companion","","garm_white_got_ghost-33061-4-0.zip"
14007,"Green Water Fix","d2017.12.25","GreenWaterFix_v2withDawnguard-14007-.7z"
63552,"Halamshiral - Mage Tower","","Halamshiral - NO NPC 1.3-63552-1-3.7z"
33253,"Herbal Tea","","Herbal Tea 1_2-33253-1-2.rar"
64820,"Holidays","","1_Holidays v2_0-64820-2-0.7z"
20861,"Horns Are Forever","","Horns Are Forever-20861-1-0.rar"
58857,"Hott Argonians with Argonian Feather Hair","","Hott Argonians - Standalone-58857-2-0.7z"
53124,"House for witches and druids - Mielikki","","AYFERTEHUIS TO MIELIKKI - MAJOR UPDATE NO LONGER WIP-53124-1-1.rar"
1546,"Hybrids HD Plants and Herbs Retexture","","Hybrids Hires Plant and Herb Retexture v4-1546.zip"
36849,"Immersive College of Winterhold","","Immersive College of Winterhold-36849-4-1.7z"
3222,"Immersive HUD - iHUD","","Immersive HUD - iHUD-3222-3-0-03.rar"
39759,"Immersive Spells and Light - Spells emit light","","Immersive Spells v1_0 ALL DLC-39759-1-0.7z"
73844,"Improved Adoptions standard version 2.0","","BETA  Improved Adoptions Standard Version 2.0-73844-2-0.rar"
82588,"Improved Eyes Skyrim","","Improved Eyes Skyrim - 1.5.1-82588-1-5-1.rar"
51473,"iNeed - Food, Water and Sleep","1.602.0.0","iNeed v1_602-51473-1-602.7z"
40960,"INIGO","","INIGO V2_3-40960-2-3.7z"
64611,"Insignificant Object Remover","","Insignificant Object Remover-64611-2-0-1.rar"
23916,"Invisibility Glitch - Eyes Fix","","Invisibility Eyes Fix v2-23916-2-0.zip"
25654,"Khajiit Child Maisha","","Khajiit Child Maisha-25654-2-0.7z"
46813,"Khajiit ears for armor and hoods with DLC","","Khajiit ears -46813-1-1.rar"
71478,"Khajiit Eyes Plus - Khajiit Heterochromia and More","","Khajiit Eyes Plus-71478-1-0a.rar"
67873,"Khajiit Hair","","Khajiit Hair v2-0-67873-2-0.7z"
14513,"Khajiit Speak - Complete Dialogue Overhaul","","Khajiit Speak - Complete Dialogue Overhaul 4.0beta2-14513-4-0beta2.zip"
27878,"Khajiit Vampire Eyes - Dawnguard","f0.01","Khajiit Vampire Eyes - Dawnguard - Main File-27878-0-01.7z"
9464,"Like a Boss - New Mounts Mod -","","Moose and Carrie-9464.rar"
61752,"Live Anywhere - Constructible Shacks","","Live Anywhere - Constructible Shacks-61752-2-0-0.7z"
33213,"Luddemanns Armory","","Luddemanns Armory-33213-1-0-0.rar"
40740,"Lusty - An Argonian Maid Follower","","Lusty-chn-40740-1-0.rar"
57109,"Lykaios - Playable Wolf Race - CBBE - UNP","","Lykaios Race- Legacy Version - CBBE UNP SOS -64466-0-00.rar"
83063,"M'rissi's Tails of Troubles","","2_M'rissi's Tails of Troubles_1.5-83063-1-5.rar"
69289,"Mage Outfit Texture Overhaul - Schools of Magic","d2017.12.25","Mage Outfit Texture Overhaul - MOTO - SoM - USLEEP and CCF Compatible-69289-.7z"
64948,"MainMenu","","MainMenu v1-0-1 BSA and ESP-64948-1-0-1.7z"
23030,"Make any child your follower","","Child Follower Version 2-23030-2.rar"
76127,"Male Dragonic Argonian Textures 4k - 2k (SOS and Vanilla)",".1","1_2k Male Dragonic Textures (SOS Only)-76127--1.rar"
77465,"Modern Brawl Bug Fix","f1.04","Modern Brawl Bug Fix v104-77465-1-04.zip"
9782,"Moonpath to Elsweyr","","moonpath to Elsweyr 95beta -9782-9-5.rar"
9782,"Moonpath to Elsweyr2k","","Moonpath 2K texture pack 89 -9782.rar"
48442,"More Khajiit Hair Styles","","More Khajiit Hair-48442-1-0.zip"
4680,"Muiri Follower","","Updated version of Muiri-4680-1-2.zip"
26671,"My little hatchling Ram-Ku-Argonian boy","","main file-26671-1-0.zip"
26445,"My little kitty Ma-Rakha-Khajiit boy","","Korean translated Non replaced version Main file -26445-1-1.zip"
75346,"Natural Lighting Vivid Atmospherics","","Natural Lighting Vivid Atmospherics-75346-2-0.zip"
26126,"No stretching","","No stretching USKP compatible -26126-2-2.7z"
54090,"One With Nature - Dynamic Animals and Creatures","","One With Nature All-In-One-54090-2-2.7z"
57353,"Optimized Vanilla Textures - HD","","High Definition Base Game Textures for Everyone (Part 1_2)-57353.7z"
68425,"Ordinator - Perks of Skyrim","","Ordinator v926-68425-9-26.zip"
58705,"PapyrusUtil - Modders Scripting Utility Functions","","PapyrusUtil - Scripting Utility Functions-58705-3-3.zip"
23600,"Player Headtracking","","Player Headtracking 3_3-23600-3-3.zip"
9935,"Portable Campsite","f3.00","Portable Campsite Full v3-9935-3-00.zip"
5902,"Powerful Craftable Skooma - with Drugged Effect","","SkoomaModKidduffah-5902-1-0.rar"
48160,"Practical Female Armors","","Practical Female Armors - All-In-One Installer - NMM BAIN Reupload-48160-1-3.zip"
29624,"RaceMenu","","RaceMenu v3-4-5-29624-3-4-5.7z"
13922,"Real Glaciers V2","","Real Glaciers V2 2K-13922-1-0.rar"
52612,"Real Shelter - Full Release","","Real Shelter"
56410,"Realistic Functional Boats","","Realistic Functional Boats 0_7 EN-56410-0-7.rar"
41076,"Realistic Water Two","","Realistic Water Two v1_11-41076-1-11.7z"
41076,"Realistic Water Two ENB","","Realistic Water Two - ENB Textures-41076-1-11.7z"
74568,"Relationship Dialogue Overhaul - RDO","","2_Relationship Dialogue Overhaul - RDO v2.0i-74568-2-0.7z"
53068,"Rigmor of Bruma","","Rigmor of Bruma-53068-V3-3.7z"
23906,"Run For Your Lives","","Run For Your Lives-23906-3-0.7z"
71672,"S'in -The Mane-","","S'in Dunestride V3-71672-3-0.rar"
45919,"Sabrecat Animation Fix v2","","sabrecat idle v2-45919-v2.rar"
46465,"Safety Load","","SafetyLoad 1_2-46465-1-2.zip"
52283,"Serana Dialogue Edit","","SeranaDialogEdit v 030 - Redux Edition-52283-0-3R.7z"
35311,"Showers in Inns","","Showers in Inns 1-11-35311-1-11.rar"
56547,"Skooma Dealers Of Skyrim","","Skooma Dealers Of Skyrim-56547-1-0.zip"
57859,"Skyrim - Enhanced Camera","","Enhanced Camera 1.4-57859-1-4.zip"
63441,"Skyrim DLC Subsurface Scattering Patch for ENB","","Skyrim DLC Subsurface Scattering Patch for ENB-63441-1-0.7z"
607,"Skyrim HD - 2K Textures","","COMPLETE FULL-607-1-7.zip"
32505,"Skyrim Project Optimization","","Skyrim Project Optimization - Full Version-32505-1-6.rar"
14351,"Skyrim Sewers 4","","Skyrim Sewers 412 Main File-14351-4-12.rar"
71465,"Skyrim Unbound (Alternate Start)","","Skyrim Unbound-71465-5-19.zip"
10175,"SkyTEST - Realistic Animals and Predators","","SkyTEST - Realistic Animals and Predators v1_56_03-10175-1-56-03.7z"
31533,"Slave Pack Riekling Porter","","Slave Pack Riekling Porter Goblin Variation By Tumbajamba-31533-1-0.7z"
50954,"Sleep Tight","f1.04","Sleep Tight v1_04-50954-1-04.7z"
49206,"Sleeping Innkeepers","","Sleeping Innkeepers-49206-1-1.7z"
31591,"Solstheim landscape and furniture","","All in one-31591-1-0.7z"
83543,"Splendor - Dragon Variants","","Splendor - Dragon Variants-83543-1-0-1.zip"
19750,"Spriggan Follower - Kriju","","version101-19750-1-0-1.rar"
12577,"SRM Companion Cart","","SRM Companion Cart v2_3-12577-2-3.rar"
8655,"Static Mesh Improvement Mod","f2.07","SMIM 2-07-8655-2-07.7z"
23364,"SweetFX Shader Suite","","SweetFX 1_5-23364-.7z"
58960,"Tamriel Reloaded - Mountains and Rocks","","TR Mountains and Rocks for ENB-58960-1-0.rar"
72220,"Tentapalooza for Campfire","","Tentapalooza v1.4-72220-1-4.7z"
27369,"The Forsworn Legacy","","The Forsworn Legacy - Savegame version-27369-1-3.rar"
61395,"Thief's Hideout Ultimate","f2.01","Thief's Hideout 2.0-61395-2-01.7z"
38529,"Touring Carriages","","TouringCarriages-38529-2-3-6.7z"
50316,"Transparent and refracting Icicle and Frost Atronach","","Clear refracting icicle and FrostAtronach-50316-2-6-2.7z"
31377,"Travel By Boat","","Travel By Boat-31377-2-2.rar"
59174,"True Wolves of Skyrim - SkyTEST Realistic Animals and Predators - 2k","","1_True Wolves of Skyrim - SkyTEST - 2k-59174-1-1.7z"
59174,"True Wolves of Skyrim - SkyTEST Realistic Animals and Predators - 2k=","","1_True Wolves of Skyrim - Lola Standalone - 2k-59174-1-2.rar"
34112,"UKC01 Barrel porter","","ukc01 eng-34112-1-1.7z"
23817,"Undies Underneath","d2018.1.9","C:/Users/Talon/Downloads/Undies Underneath-23817-0-92-06.7z"
-1,"Unmanaged: AMB Glass Variants Lore","",""
-1,"Unmanaged: aMidianborn_Skyforge_Weapons","",""
-1,"Unmanaged: BadDogSchlongCore","",""
-1,"Unmanaged: BDHoodieFemale","",""
-1,"Unmanaged: BDHoodieSchlong","",""
-1,"Unmanaged: BDLoincloth","",""
-1,"Unmanaged: Catlike Khajiit","",""
-1,"Unmanaged: Dawnguard","",""
-1,"Unmanaged: dD - Realistic Ragdoll Force - Medium","",""
-1,"Unmanaged: Dragonborn","",""
-1,"Unmanaged: FNIS","",""
-1,"Unmanaged: FNISspells","",""
-1,"Unmanaged: Follower_SabreCat","",""
-1,"Unmanaged: HearthFires","",""
-1,"Unmanaged: Hunting Extreme Shack","",""
-1,"Unmanaged: kuerteeSimpleMultipleFollowers","",""
-1,"Unmanaged: lesshypocriticalbathers","",""
-1,"Unmanaged: LovelyHairstylesCE","",""
-1,"Unmanaged: MakeMoonSugar","",""
-1,"Unmanaged: marriable serana","",""
-1,"Unmanaged: marriable serana hf","",""
-1,"Unmanaged: OSA","",""
-1,"Unmanaged: RaceMenuMorphsUUNP","",""
-1,"Unmanaged: Schlongs of Skyrim","",""
-1,"Unmanaged: Schlongs of Skyrim - Core","",""
-1,"Unmanaged: set_werewolves_sp0","",""
-1,"Unmanaged: skoomaden","",""
-1,"Unmanaged: Skyrim Particle Patch for ENB - Flame Atronach Fix","",""
-1,"Unmanaged: Snow (Wolf Companion)","",""
-1,"Unmanaged: Socially Alert Guards (Guard Dialogue Tweaks)","",""
-1,"Unmanaged: SOS - Smurf Average Addon","",""
-1,"Unmanaged: SOSRaceMenu","",""
-1,"Unmanaged: XPMSE","",""
71214,"Unofficial Skyrim Legendary Edition Patch","","Unofficial Skyrim Legendary Edition Patch-71214-3-0-11.7z"
75826,"UNP Female Dragonic Argonians Textures","d2018.1.9","C:/Users/Talon/Downloads/UNP Female Dragonic Argonians Textures-75826-0-1.rar"
11282,"Use All The Hair Styles","","UseAllTheHairStyles-11282.zip"
64021,"Useful Dogs","","Useful Dogs 1.1-64021-1-1.rar"
3374,"Vampire Eyes Fix","","Vampiric Eyes Fix-3374-0-2.zip"
73937,"Vivid Weathers","","2_Vivid Weathers-73937-1-56.zip"
11459,"Werewolf followers","","Werewolf Followers - Version 1_6_3-11459.zip"
27563,"Wet and Cold","f2.02","Wet and Cold v2_02-27563-.7z"
79995,"Whiterun texture memory usage reduction","","1_Whiterun Vram Texture Mod-79995-1-1.rar"
54485,"Wiseman303's Critter Fixes","f1.06","WM Critter Fixes v1_06-54485-1-06.7z"
64941,"Wonders of Weather","f1.01","Wonders of Weather v1_01-64941-1-01.7z"
39928,"Wrath of Nature - The Champion of Kynareth","","Wrath of Nature - The Champion of Kynareth-39928-1-3.7z"
31485,"Wrath of Nature - The Path of the Druid","","Wrath of Nature-31485-3-2.rar"
35305,"Your Market Stall","","YourMarketStallV1_4_1-35305-1-4-1.zip"

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I'm also having an issue with the osex/osa mod. I've searched for options and followed guides. I've looked for fixes and guides, didn't quite understand it all. I'm not exactly the sharpest tool in the shed.


I've installed OSex, OSA - Ascendancy engine, PapyrusUtil, XP32 maximum skeleton special extended, FNIS. The Osa mod appears and the functions are active. However, the characters merge into one and do not move, loading is somehow also disabled...


I ran FNIS and this is the result, i noticed another topic like this


FNIS Behavior V7.6   3/8/2020 12:29:55 AM
Skyrim SE 64bit: - D:\Games installed\STEAM\steamapps\common\Skyrim Special Edition\ (Steam)

Skeleton(hkx) female: XPMS2HDT (126 bones)   male: XPMS2HDT (126 bones)
Patch: "GENDER Specific Animations"  
Patch: "SKELETON Arm Fix"  
Patch: * xp32's "PC Exclusive Animation Path" (PCEA)  

Reading 0Sex_0MF_D V?.? ... 
Reading 0Sex_0MF_K V?.? ... 
Reading 0Sex_0MF_M V?.? ... 
Reading 0Sex_0MF_R V?.? ... 
Reading 0Sex_0MF_S V?.? ... 
Reading 0Sex_0MF_U V?.? ... 
Reading 0Sex_EMF_A V?.? ... 
Reading FNISBase V7.6 ... 
Reading _ESG_0ER_F V?.? ... 
Reading _ESG_0ER_M V?.? ... 

All Anim Lists scanned. Generating Behavior Files...
No GENDER directory male
No GENDER directory female

ERROR(2022): PCEA patch ticked, but PCEA is not installed

I've also used LOOT and I think it worked...


Could someone please advise as to what I'm doing wrong?

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12 minutes ago, Nycrom said:

Could someone please advise as to what I'm doing wrong?

Well you are posting in the wrong place for starters. :classic_smile: This is the LE section.


You can untick this

14 minutes ago, Nycrom said:

Patch: * xp32's "PC Exclusive Animation Path" (PCEA)


14 minutes ago, Nycrom said:

ERROR(2022): PCEA patch ticked, but PCEA is not installed


And you can untick this

15 minutes ago, Nycrom said:

Patch: "GENDER Specific Animations"  


15 minutes ago, Nycrom said:

No GENDER directory male
No GENDER directory female

That probably wont solve your problem though. You could try ticking the next box down 'HKX File Compatibility . . .'

Is that the correct version of XPMSE for SE?


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