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From the author who brought you Agatha Mother of Wisps marriable wisp follower, I present to you...

Tiny Tim & Friends



Tiny Tim

Race: Giant (scaled down but still taller than human races)
Voice: MaleOrc (and will even send word to orc strongholds that you are trustworthy, LOL)
Marriable: Yes
Combat Skills: Stomp, and includes a PLAYABLE giant club. The only way to get one for yourself though at this point in time is through console command or the additem mod that I believe is still available on the nexus.
Can go through doors? Yes

Location: Down hill from Lakeview Manor on the trail by the lake where the horseback hunter usually patrols

WolfRad the Rad Wolf

Race: Wolf race as Ice Wolf
Voice: MaleArgonian
Marriable: Yes
Combat Skills: Icewolf
Can go through doors? Yes

Location: Up on the snowy hill at Lakeview Manor overlooking Pinewatch


Race: Dragon (scaled down, see pictures)
Voice: FemaleSultry
Marriable: Yes
Combat Skills: Tail, bite, frostbreath, dragon flight.
Can go through doors? No, not without the use of AFT's tweak command "Summon" Didn't want the full scale dragons following their prey into their tiny little homes. That would be the result if I set it up for her to follow through doors.

Location: Perched on a rock on the left hand side of the trail as you are coming upon the northern entrance to Helgen. 

Requirements: Skyrim.esm

I am also uploading an optional esp that will make some minor changes to the wolf cave around the bend from Lakeview manor. Changes have cleaned up the place and added a giant's campfire, and a scaled up hay bed. Pretty much just for cosmetics that works with MHIYH if you want to provide a place for the giant to call home. The chest has been moved and semi-underground next to the hay bed. See pictures. The wolves will have to be cleared out and will still be set to respawn but nothing a giant can't handle.

Requirements for optional file: 

The optional file will conflict with any mod that changes this same location.



With my experiences testing this out, it works well with the Aroused Creatures mod, Lover's Victim mod(even though Lover's Victim is only programmed to work on humans unless you have the Dogs N Horses add-on, the human voices I guess makes them part of the action there, Spouses Enhanced if you marry one of them. Also, this works well if you use the CCAS mod using an alternate start where you have been a slave of the giants for years and grew to enjoy it even though something was calling you away from the camp, or a wolf bitch, etc... Feel free to try it out. I am just learning new things. This is a whole new world for me. Just finished completing a personal quest follower mod for my personal spouse of choice. A fellow succubus modeled after the likes of my real-life gf. This has been a fun ride. I am finally getting my Skyrim tailored to my liking a little at a time by doing little learning projects like this. And I feel obligated to share some of these as I go. So keep in mind that I am very amateur and also looking for as much advice as possible. I love the knowledge and skill that floats around here on LoversLab. You guys know your stuff and have been a big help and or influence. Thank you!












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