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  1. AndragonFirefly

    Greybeard dancing lessons

    Tuesday dancing lessons for the Greybeards. This character lives a busy life.
  2. AndragonFirefly

    Terrarium's Sexy Voice Replacer

    NVM, I just downloaded and looked. Female eventoned. Too bad. Already have one that replaces sounds for it. Can't find any replacers whatsoever for any of the other voicetypes.
  3. AndragonFirefly

    Terrarium's Sexy Voice Replacer

    I would just like to know which voice types are actually affected.
  4. Ok mine is loading up now just fine. The mod even worked one time too, except all I did was enter Whiterun gate. Never stole anything. Stripped, tied, and whipped. But anything after that has been the same issue as a ton of other people. Steal, get tied up, NPC stands right in front of me and threatens action coming but just walks away and stuck only going back on prior save after 2 days being tied to miscellaneous furniture.
  5. Wait, wha? You did this for me? Now I can play with your mod? Oh how sweet and awesome!
  6. Actually, it is requiring all 3 DD files. Assets, Integration, and Expansion. Those mods are heavy on my system so have eliminated them from my load order. So I guess I am left out of trying your mod that "doesn't depend on DD". Oh well, such is my luck.
  7. This says it doesn't rely on DD but only ZAP, but it does indeed require DD assets.esm or game won't start.
  8. AndragonFirefly

    Microsoft Bitch Session 2000

    This is an outlet for the frustration I have for Microsoft and the forced updates and lack of permissions granted for your own computer. I wish they could be jailed for this. Prison is where they belong. The imbalance will haunt them eventually. They better watch out. The war has only just begun.
  9. AndragonFirefly

    Eires Ohmes Raht Khajiit Replacer

    Wait a minute. Does this use a custom race and change races of vanilla khajiit npcs or does it change actual khajiit race parts?
  10. AndragonFirefly

    Eires Ohmes Raht Khajiit Replacer

    I am having the same issue and I tried the very last slot in the load order. I have nothing replacing anything on the khajiits except UUNP body replacer which the textures have been overwritten by this mod. I also get an error when loading up in the CK to take a peek saying facegen tri files are missing. There is also no animation for lipsync apparently. I don't know if this is the way it is supposed to be or what. I didn't see anything in the description about no lip movement. I see I am very limited as to what it will let me do with racemenu sliders when creating a character.
  11. AndragonFirefly

    Riding Styles 2 (6-3-18)

    Ok, downloading now. Thank you!
  12. AndragonFirefly

    Riding Styles 2 (6-3-18)

    Thank you! That is good news. You might want to read the last comment I made though even though most of it is void with what I am learning from you here. But the whole race reading thing you were trouble-shooting could be related to why these races are becoming non-valid for sexlab and corresponding animations for sex scenes. Even enemy wolves I come across in the wilderness that haven't been targeted as mounts. I should have took a picture of the sexlab console message but it says the race is ridingstyleswolfrace or something like that, and isn't compatible race for sexlab animations.
  13. AndragonFirefly

    Riding Styles 2 (6-3-18)

    Well that sucks, I like that animation. But probably wouldn't use it too often anymore anyway with this mod. But, I found another issue anyway. This apparently changes the race of all rideable creatures. For instance, all wolves are now ridestyleswolfrace or something like that. That would be fine. Whatever makes it work. But this is a custom race not registered with sexlab and the like. No animations for this race. That's a downer for a beastess character. I know that they didn't want too many dependencies but since the theme of this mod is sexual anyway, it might need to depend on sexlab and have the custom races added to the form lists for sexlab at least. I am not good at working with custom races and form lists but I might be able to get it to working in my game. IDK. Thought I would let you all know though. Themed around "beastiality" but this mod prevents any real beastiality going on with sexlab if it pertains to these custom races.
  14. AndragonFirefly

    Riding Styles 2 (6-3-18)

    Yay! This version works for me. It isn't perfect. No mod ever is. I do have an issue with the giant. I can't even ride a giant. Not sure what is up with that. Something on my end? Does it have to be a particular giant? One of the 3? Going to post pictures so you see what is happening. I walk around like I am playing a giant without controls other than navigational but PC is stuck in horse riding arms out pose back where I attempted mounting the giant. I also had a question as to how I can adjust the z down, not up. The assigned z button only raises me up and I was already a little too high which is why I was trying to adjust lower. I was thinking shift + "z button" but that didn't work. I am having a blast with this now. Thank you for the progression to get it working in my game. Yay!