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Looking for BDO outfit LUCIEN BLANC hdt

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51 minutes ago, SunJeong said:

Thanks for letting me know. Ill probably also make new normals

Looks like BDO has what should be the Red channel (left to right light) sitting in the alpha slot - some people mistaking this for a specular map or just overwriting it altogether with the real specular map without fixing the red channel first.


I could partly fix the main part of the dress using the texture in the alpha but the bits that have been painted black are beyond recovery without getting a new copy of the normal map.  most of them are wrecked in the same way.

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have been looking for 1 day now. can find some people with hdt-pe(cbbe) conversions but only on video that dont share their conversions. still dont know why they dont want to share. not gonna waste more time looking for it. hey if u find it pm me. looking for the uunp hdt-pe version

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