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  1. For the Inari ears and tails is there a mod so you can do a fox tail thats 3 or 5 tails instead of the one. Kinda like Ari in league of legends. Or something simillar atleast?

  2. Hello. sorry, i'm russian i don't trust strangers why do you need this? I have pm. there people write a lot of different things and not always pleasant. But I try to answer everyone. (not always pleasant, but always honest). and I don't want to give up this project. we will make it great! Yes friends? I want to adapt it to emotions, add animations and add a change in the position of the tail from the emotions of the character. (pipe tail as an example) adapt for race and some else
  3. I do not know how to help you. but I think that studying similar cases (weapons, clothes, wigs) will help to deal with the problem. with this physics it is as difficult as with quantum physics, I turned my back and everything already works differently. believe me SMP - physics of surfaces. physics of soap bubbles stretched on the bones. and at the same time, the borders are like a bus when making a U-turn .. did not have time to move away, we drove through .. in short: * check for compatibility with the base skeleton. the new bones must be properly attached to the bones of the skeleton. otherwise they will not be found and nothing will happen. that is, as in wigs - all hair chains must be tied to one base bone of the head (open any wig file with physics) * Xml file. take any worker and write ... * buy beer, then vodka and check it a couple of hundred times ... if there was a "magic" button "make perfect" otherwise I do everything by touch. corrected there, looked, changed here, looked again. and more ... and more .. who knows how to do 3D will go through this path faster, but not easier ..
  4. Sorry for "blow eyes" text. Google help us!:)
  5. to be honest, I didn’t look at what is in your files, but I can say that SMP does not work with objects not related to the skeleton. therefore, for weapons, flags and other things, we had to create bindings (by adding a skeleton like in clothes, or using scripts to bind to proxy blocks). I don’t know how this is solved in the new version of physics, I haven’t done this for a long time and I could be wrong. But this is a huge failure for SMP. in pe, it could have been somehow solved. in smp no.
  6. you just kill all the desire to look for something new .. what will be interesting after that ?? -_-
  7. it makes absolutely no difference which body you use as long as you KNOW what you are doing. and if not, then more than one forum will not help you.
  8. NO cannot physically split the mesh. it optimizes the existing bones for the sse skeleton and removes unnecessary connections. if there are more than 80 physical bones, then the mesh will have to be divided into parts manually .. and this is often a problem. I would love to talk to someone who can work with physics sources. perhaps there is an one way to change a lot in the current situation. I believe;)
  9. Yes, ,Vyx right as usual, but anyway have some difference in skeletons, physics calculations, and so on. Only cbpc is different things so, its special for "light physics" and needs some different knowledge for, but the fact that almost everything can be ported is good news. just have to be patient .. and google-fu;)
  10. Hello friends. Thanks for supporting the project, unfortunately I cannot continue working on it yet. but I really hope for the future and will try to add everything I thought of and fix the mistakes. thank you so so much!! I could not even have thought that such a simple mod would interest the players so much. Its amazing, really.. ill try
  11. 🤭 may be some bat files can help...or not.
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