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  1. Okay. 1. No need to install physics with mod managers. Just copy to a folder (Data\SKSE\Plugins) and REMEMBER Where did you copy it! You need to copy at least 2 files (hdtSSEFramework.dll and hdtSSEPhysics.dll ) hdtSSEHighHeels.dll is not necessary if you do not use shoes or clothes for which it is required. (ver 1.5.73 from 16.04.2019) 2. Install the SKSE of the version that is necessary for your version of the game. (for last ver it is 2.0.15) 3. Install the latest version of Skeleton (XP32MSSE 4.51) with selection "HDT Soft Mesh Physics" and "CBP Physics" (no BBP and TBBP!!) during installation. 4. And now the worst. Choose for yourself the option of body REPLACER that you need. Physics with Vanilla body does not work! (Well, if you do not force specifically). CBBE UNP(P) COS and so one choose any, BUT for each body your need each settings and you will need to find and install them. Or try this: Base XML set for SMP.7z (put this files from arc to Data\SKSE\Plugins\hdtSkinnedMeshConfigs) Look like that's it.
  2. and you probably like to crap under the door to call and run? Do you have problems in your life? Troll .. And stay forever troll.
  3. This can be done, and everything has already been invented before us .. (as I was told that we all use other people's ideas and I probably sell them :)) We need to add one mesh to the main body (body in BS) and add the rules of collisions with it in xml file... Like this:
  4. By the way, I, too, with him (although what he is the not a author he only of this assembly of wigs) negotiated porting ... but my love jumped over me and now she has all the rights .. oh, those women. I will give everything to her .. She tried, she done. !! I'll finish it all. and I will not care what I did. I will do everything for her .. let it be a great man's gift for her .. ... yes, I spent almost half a year on it all, but nobody needs it anymore.
  5. This is what I have to, I still have almost 100 wigs to adapt .... And more ears, tails, and other parts .. and all the parts that are on the body. weapons, and more .. I do not do clothes .. for this there are much smarter friends. I just invent and indulge with this physics ..:)
  6. I'll leave half for you .. 50 wigs enough for you to entertain ?? and this is what was in the original.
  7. Yundao hairs (wigs) will be very soon, I am almost finished. stayed a little difficulty, but it can be solved.
  8. Just in case, NEW version of 1.5.73 SMP Physics from 9damao (16.04) hdtSSEPhysics_1_5_73.7z
  9. and it is right. The problem of falling FPS has always existed, especially in Riften, and this was solved quickly “save / load”. This is especially felt on older rigs. Apparently this is the problem of the game engine already. I talked about the problems with the new version of physics. SMP physics requires not video memory but processor resources. BUT, with the accumulation of errors, the memory is clogged and then the processor drops with all the cores ..I said, and I want to say again that this is only a mod. And it’s not necessary to demand support from the authors. We are all in the same position. No one will tell you how to do it right and wrong, no instructions. We all studied blindly, to the touch, and we can only say what we know. And each has its own game, its own mods, and that nobody know what works out of a thousand files. And thanks for patience, dozens of people ask the same thing every day without trying to figure out the basics. and it really infuriates! I am a calm person, but even this makes me angry. Yes, and who don’t know me, I apologize for English ...
  10. I do not remember what exactly but it is from "Bathing in Skyrim LE" . may by this bathanimation.zip
  11. if you're interested, I can do this from scratch, in ECE preset, you will only have to choose a hairstyle. In the RM I can not do becouse so everything is already configured for one thing.
  12. Go to Follaut party.. there you will be presented not only this .. But seriously look at Nexus some Dwemer automation
  13. How i can you say "the biggest, no more, it is even more !!! ..but it is still not enough"? Here even more thanks!
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