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  1. how did you create the "clipping fixes" zap sliders? converting it to uunp makes those zap sliders not carry over so i need to re create them for the uunp body.
  2. https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/101943 it is version 1.0, ie no panty texture or hook fix. XD
  3. it has been fixed and will be updated tomorrow. the outfits are done and will be uploaded tomorrow. ps- nocturnal underboob has clipping by the armpits that i couldnt fix. i'll try asking around to see if i can find a way to fix it, but in mean time will upload a 0.5 version. edit- my content count= 666 XD
  4. the nexus version ( that i was using for making the conversion) has not been updated... dang it dude... XD
  5. doesnt that just copies the WHOLE bone weight? the outfit i am trying to copy has an smp effect from below the breast part (you know how like smp skirts "flutter"). using copy bone weight makes it so that the outfit "sticks" to the body instead of "fluttering". this is a cbbe thread, bud. if you want to get it converted to uunp, go to the uunp thread over yonder https://www.loverslab.com/topic/38362-project-unified-unp
  6. is there any way to copy weight from only certain part of the reference body? like say i wanna copy weight from the breast part of the reference body and no other part? using the copy bone weight seems to copy all parts of the reference body and that screws a LOT with smp armor conversions. help?
  7. could you share the issue? or the screenshot of it? is it like the outfit stuck at a point and stretching when you move?
  8. hmmm. i was hoping there was a feature where i could rename the "spoiler" part of the tab/drop down menu with the armor name, but yeh, i'll have to just write the name above it. i left spaces for it. was gonna do it yesterday but at the last moment, the captcha screen came and i just went "fuck it will do tomorrow." XD also, i plan to put the newest conversion addition always on the top so i doubt there is a need for adding dates.
  9. feel free to drop more requests if you have them, at the unp project thread! i made this so it is easier to catalog. it is an smp cloth. which means you need smp to run it. you have it installed?
  10. ayyye ma! ayyye ma! you hear that! i iz famous now. i iz one of da cool bois. XD btw, working on some more stuff. feel free to drop requests. if you have any, at the unp thread.
  11. almost done. will be posting on my thread. edit-it is up, alongside 2 more conversions.
  12. the outfit has two versions in bodyslides (and in game) but only the nsfw version seems to have bodyslide but the non sfw version doesnt, is it supposed to happen?
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