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  1. Does anyone have this armor with the alternative colors included? If you do would you please share them with me?
  2. Anyone have the alt textures for Hug (Hunger) Armor
  3. I unfortunately couldn't find a video, but this may help as well.(Reddit link) I have only done armors and basic followers myself and they worked for me just using the NIF Optimizer, but more complicated mods might require more tools.
  4. It's a mashup. I think(not 100% sure) it's COCO's Student Uniform & COCO's Luscious Lady. The Student Uniform is on Nexus and Google COCO Luscious Lady to find the other one for SSE but I think you have to buy on Patreon for SLE.
  5. SSE NIF Optimizer will work for most meshes, at the bottom don't forget to tick LE. Here is a short guide (Reddit) I found helpful.
  6. I would like to request DEM Walking Time Set DEM Walking Time SMP for SSE. baidu link password: wgs6
  7. It's from Yundao Hair, I believe it's in version 9.2 (or higher).
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