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  1. Hi guys, i know this is noobie and all but i still don't quite understand how to start the animations, I have Sexlab animations loader and poses that are for slal but i still dont see a key to start (I've registered them all). I target a NPC with "N" but that's really as far as i get. Let's take "Nibbles' animation" as an example. Thanks everyone
  2. Kuriko

    Post your sex screenshots pt. 2

    18+ Tzukiki, 20 yrs old. Likes getting in trouble. Obsessed with looking adorable.
  3. I personally didn't retexture the panties.
  4. Wow!! I'm extremely impressed at how your game looks great with an old card like that! I struggle with fps alot with a Geforce GTX 960m (still not good) So that's really great you figured out how to work around it. I applaud you ^o^
  5. Ah your character is so gorgeous and i love the atmosphere of your game! Well done
  6. Hi! Yes it is i made it the other day, it's not publicly available but i will send you ^^
  7. Kuriko

    Post your sex screenshots pt. 2

    -Tzukiki -20 years old
  8. I am using UnkoENB, with Snapdragons DOF. ^^ Thanks for the compliments i'm very proud of her.
  9. Ahhh did i fix it? Thank you haha