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  1. I am using UnkoENB, with Snapdragons DOF. ^^ Thanks for the compliments i'm very proud of her.
  2. Ahhh did i fix it? Thank you haha
  3. Yes thank you ^^ Petite women are adults too. Not only huge chested with alot of make up. ♥ (Your screenshots are amazzziiiing btw)
  4. I can assure you my character is not a child. Or meant to represent one. She is an adult, 20. She has asian and anime like features. I myself look young and i'm a 20 year old woman.
  5. Thanks so much! The price is insane .. I got it as a gift luckily. You should know it took suuuper long for me to be satisfied with my character though. I quit the game for months many times because i didn't like it yet. But now i'm finally happy with her ^^ !
  6. Thank you, i used Racemenu. The hair is Yundao v3.5, but i think it's gone from patreon. They asked $88 for it ^^"
  7. I wish you luck!! I sculpted alot of my character, it sure is alot of trouble but i really think it's worth it in the end. As for the ears, i just play around with the Move slider alot, radius, not the strength though. Just pull up the end then work your way to the bottom (Not sure if this would work) But i'm thinking maybe start with human ears and pull them. Starting with elf ears somehow makes me think it'd be harder to play around with.
  8. I think i'm finally satisfied with the ENB i'm using. UnkoENB, btw ^^
  9. Heyy i can't get it to work with HDT.. anything i need to do except for have HDT extended physics?
  10. Hello guys, i'm looking for the BDO outfit Lucien Blanc, would prefer HDT version ^w^ if not i'd like it anyways. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NQJA8WaXiKo
  11. Heya! I saw these pictures on google a few minutes ago and i loved the look of the armor so much. Maybe someone knows where i can find it ? Sorry for the blurry pictures i couldnt find a better version!