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  1. My eye's look way too dark for my likings. Is there any way for me to brighten them up? I'm looking directly into the sun in this picture.
  2. 3.4? where can i find that version
  3. Heyy i can't get it to work with HDT.. anything i need to do except for have HDT extended physics?
  4. Thank you i think i even found it on nexus! https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/88416?tab=files
  5. Heyy guys I'm looking for the download Yundao HDT hair v2.3 (or up if that exists) But i can't find it. Can anyone help me with this, upload it perhaps? Thank you !!
  6. Hello guys, i'm looking for the BDO outfit Lucien Blanc, would prefer HDT version ^w^ if not i'd like it anyways. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NQJA8WaXiKo
  7. Heyyy guys, i asked someone on youtube about the outfit their character was wearing, and they gave me a link with password, but the download is too large for me. Is there any chance someone oculd upload this to mediafire or something else for me to download? https://pan.baidu.com/s/1i51Wjv3 Password : hi5a https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NQJA8WaXiKo It should include this outfit, Lucien Blanc from BDO
  8. Hey everyone, having a very annoying problem. I'm trying to re-install the sims 3 on a pc i've played on it before. It's a Lenovo with graphics NVIDIA gefore 960m. When trying to run the game it gives me the device 0 cannot run this title no supported video graphics card detected. So i try to make it see my graphics card. a tutorial tells me to get in my device config to get my graphics card name and to keep it open for a chipset device number. Now i know my graphics card name but no idea what the chipset part means. I've already uninstalled and re-installed. I've restarted my pc and updated all my drivers, i've deleted DeviceConfig and made it appear again, still empty. I've never had this problem before and i usually seem to be able to fix them but this one i cannot figure out at all. Please help. EDIT when i run on intel graphics it works, but i'm trying to run on nvidia ofcourse. So with intel my deviceconfig is full. when i run on nvidia it crashes.
  9. Yeahh i figured. Thanks anyway!
  10. Heya guys! Soo like the title says i'm looking for these hairs. But i know the posibility remains that these are personal hairs since the creator of the picture is a creator, but hey, better try!
  11. Hey everyone, I'm trying to make a body texture for fallout 4. I did the face just fine, i found the neccesary DDS file in the actor file etc. However the body texture isn't as easy to find. I'm wondering if anyone knows which file i have to open in order to edit the texture? I want to make the body a lighter skin tone is all. FemaleBody_d is a blue tone in PS. FemaleBody_s is green. And _n doesn't open. I tried editing femalebhed_d but that didn't show up in game nor did the basefemalehandsdirty_d Hoping someone knows what i'm talking about My character sure looks funny with a lighter face and a dark body
  12. Heya! I saw these pictures on google a few minutes ago and i loved the look of the armor so much. Maybe someone knows where i can find it ? Sorry for the blurry pictures i couldnt find a better version!
  13. Rare mods blog

    Theyre not, but thank you for trying to help! It had all sorts of mods like KONAN ENB and followers i couldn't find anywhere else. I really feel like it was simply called rareskyrimmods in the link but that might just be in my head. Mightve been Naver but again, not sure >< Thank you though!!
  14. Rare mods blog

    Sadly not no, it was a blog i believe not a website.