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FNIS won't work with MO 2, t-pose issue

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I have been trying everything I can think of.  Nothing is working.


I have Oldrim and MO installed also, and they work fine.  I know how to use FNIS, but this time around something is happening and I'm not sure how to fix it.  I don't know if it's remnants from NMM, because I hated it so much I switched to try MO 2...and the only thing NMM did right was the animations.  Grr.  :/


I've tried deleting and reinstalling three times, I've fixed cache, etc.  


Help please?  It says it''s correctly installed in Steam, etc, I don't know what to do.  If it helps, *everyone* in the game is half-t-posed.  I'm not sure what's causing it.  

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are you running fnis with admin rights ? i did notice allot of time fnis will plainly fail and cause even a crash with MO2 what version of MO2 are you using ?? the one from tannin or the one from nexus ??


MO2 has allot of bugs also Fnis maker is not supporting help installing through MO2 what is important is how did you even installed FNIS is through MO2 itself or did you manually install FNIS skyrimSE\Data folder ??

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FNIS works fine in MO2.  Just make sure you actually installed it through MO not in the real data directory and that you run Generate FNIS for users from within MO as well.  Also make sure you're using a compatible skeleton (like XPMSSE).  You might also need to set it to run as administrator if you're Steam is installed in the default program files directory.  I ended up moving mine to /games because the UAC hassles of having it in program files just got to be too much of an annoyance.  I no longer have to run anything as administrator.

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I also use mo2 and fnis, and I also just upgraded from nmm, which is stilll on my system.   I also have troubles running fnis.  It seems to work very sporadically.  I followed one of the install tutorials on fnis and mo2 to the letter, but it has always been glitchy.  I have rewatched the video several times, to make sure i haven't done anything wrong, and everything is set up correctly, but it is still really glitchy.  I wonder if it is something in a virtual folder, and where would i look for it?  I can only get it to work about one time in twenty.



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