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  1. For gameplay IMO TTW (Tale of Two Wastelands (FNV + Fallout 3)) > Fallout 4. For graphics Fallout 4 > the previous fallout games.
  2. You're probably using a mod with bad meshes. For instance Enhanced Textures Detail will cause reliable crashes in Windhelm immediately upon entering if you include the SMIM conflicted meshes unless you run them through one of the more current versions of NIF Optimizer. There are a lot of supposedly official SE versions of mods that include meshes that have not been converted as well so I would remove any mods you have that touch areas where you're crashing 1 by 1 til you find which one is doing it and then run the meshes for that mod through NIF Optimizer. I never crash.
  3. Pretty much anything with a DLL will have to be updated I believe. That's why I never update unless I've already confirmed that ALL of my mods with DLLs have also been updated to the latest version. Unless you're actually using CC content you're not missing anything.
  4. Same here. I have over 2000 hours played in SE now and all of the crashes I've seen have been self inflicted. I can easily play for hundreds of hours at a time with zero crashes. The only time I crash is when I install a new mod that has a conflict I didn't know about yet. LE crashes constantly with far less mods installed.
  5. Just set your game up to only update when you tell it to. If you update it, you have to wait for SKSE to be updated as well as every SKSE DLL plugin any of your other mods use as well. So I only update after ALL of the DLLs I use have been updated.
  6. I would have switched to linux a long time ago if it weren't for gaming. In my experience though, emulators just take too much of a performance hit compared to natively running the OS that your software requires. I'd be happy to play my games through WINE running on linux (or something comparable) if the performance was at least roughly comparable and it actually ran everything. I do think eventually we'll move towards APIs that are no longer platform dependent for apps so it won't matter what OS you're running, you just need the OS to support whatever the dominant gaming API is (and presum
  7. Nice video, I didn't know some of that. Thanks
  8. Most of the issues you run into with Windows 10 can by avoided by just changing your update settings so that it delays updates as long as possible. So you get security updates right away but you don't get BS like forced video driver updates that don't work and cause reboot cycles. By the time you get the delayed update most of the issues are fixed. You can also tweak the interface to remove all of the annoying touchscreen related crap so it looks and feels pretty much identical to windows 7 except with better security. I have zero issues with Windows 10 aside from the same privacy issues t
  9. Curious if anyone else has been running into this. I never used to have this issue with previous versions of Loot, but lately I've been getting errors in Loot complaining about non existent cyclic load order rules when mods are assigned to certain non default groups. For instance if I change the meta data for both Immersive College of Winterhold and KS Dragon Overhaul to assign them to low priority overrides with all other settings at the default and the patches I have for both of those mods (Thunderchild patch for KS Dragon Overhaul, CRF, ELFX patch for ICOW left at default settin
  10. You're probably better off just using the full version of SOS if you want to change the size. It's easily tweakable in the MCM.
  11. I'm still waiting for publishers to realise that reduced distribution costs for digital music vs CDs should also mean reduced prices for consumers. I haven't bought any music in decades and have no plans to any time soon. Steam comes pretty close to getting the pricing right on games though IMO. When a title first comes out it's full price. In a year or so it's available at heavy discounts. In 10 years you can find sales for 90% off or better. Same should be true of digitally distributed music and e-books. I refuse to pay more than $1-2 for an e-book when I can get a used pa
  12. The oldrim bodies all work in SE and so do the armor mods that use them. You just can't mix and match. If you want the new CBBE SE body then yeah you don't have a very good selection of armor mods. But if you use UNP/UUNP/oldrim CBBE/etc then you have exactly the same selection of armor mods in SE as you did in oldrim...
  13. I work from home so I only put my shoes on or even change out of my PJs about once a week
  14. khumak

    you are prejudiced?

    Prejudice - preconceived opinion that is not based on reason or actual experience. So if you have an opinion about anything and can't prove that you're right then you're prejudiced (even if you're right, if you can't cite the evidence then you don't really know you're right). So pretty much any opinion for or against Religion and any opinion about any subject that you're not an expert in. So am I prejudiced? Yep. I tend not to have strong opinions about things that I have no evidence for though. If I consider it important, I read up on it and potentially change my m
  15. Interesting. So this would potentially explain some of the crashes I was getting when I had survival mode enabled? Currently using my usual Campfire+Frostfall+iNeed combo and have not had any crashes in hundreds of hours (with survival mod installed but not enabled in game). There are a few other mods I've tried that are tagged as both an esp and an esl that might have this problem too I'm guessing (mainly patches). I'm guessing some of Shiva's esl based facetint mods might be more relevant for this.
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