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  1. No problem. I don’t have Lola. Mostly defeat, SD, creature stuff. That’s why I’m not sure definitely, as creatures (some) also have this dialogue. its quite...immersive breaking.
  2. I’ve had SD for a long time, I did add a ‘patch’ so I’ll see if that’s it.
  3. I'm a bit awkward, and Nymphy sometimes XD I also like mythology/stories.
  4. I'm currently playing the new Fire Emblem. It's a lot of fun It may actually be my new favorite, though Awakening and POR will always have a high place in my heart. :3
  5. Sorry, I attached some screenshots Thanks! I'm playing with many many mods, because of my curiosity and boredom, hard to find the culprit XD --so i appreciate the assistance! :3 (after the two images, "You will call me master. Do you understand?" and the reply you can give is "get spit.") I'd upload them all, but my computer is slow at the moment. ScreenShot2.bmp ScreenShot3.bmp
  6. I have a lot of mods, so I'm hoping someone will help me find out what is offering this dialogue option. It's kind of annoying honestly, but I'm not sure which mod is doing it, and what can be done to remove it. At the top of my dialogue will be "What do you want from me?" people AND animals have it (not very immersive). If you click it, it says something about being your master... Help much appreciated XD
  7. Just wanted to pop in...this is a really creative idea. It even makes sense with the whole magical aspects of Skyrim. Looking forward to what else you come up with.
  8. Yep, have Skyrim. Not sure how to mod Fallout Vegas still XD trying..but I keep screwing it up.
  9. Darn. Well, on the subject, does anyone know any games that have these elements? I love human x alien/monster stuff. Are there any good mods for Alien Isolation? Having the alien attack you in other ways would be fun. XD
  10. So...are there any monster x human mods available? Or 'defeat' ish mods like Skyrim, rapey stuff? I'm just kind of into that sort of thing XD Looking for games that have access to that sort of material, like Skyrim does.
  11. Thank you, everyone. That was helpful! :3 I appreciate your all's time. I use a lot of thick grass so hopefully any new flowers won't have any visible disruptions lol.
  12. Ok, thank makes sense, thank you. So...if there isn't an esp, but just loose textures, then I can just casually replace objects within a folder with outsider files? I'm trying to get more variety in my landscapes.
  13. If this is stupid...sorry, but I have a question that hopefully someone can answer. Is it possible to install a mod, say a Flora Overhaul of some kind or trees...and find other mods with flowers or different trees, and manually drop in those meshes and textures instead? Like if I'm using Flora Overhaul, can I take someone else's deathbell flower textures and replace them with SFO's folder? I'm trying to maintain a cleaner mod list...
  14. I'd feel worse about "It" I honestly don't understand people who use some labels actually like to be referred to in that way. It's kind of demeaning. Thanks! :3
  15. Thanks, and 'she.' I love Mod Organizer, so that's good news. Thanks everyone!
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