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Hey everyone,


It's taken me a long, long time to do this, but I guess now is as good a time as any. I'm releasing this as a Modders Resource. It's essentially a massive building (The Cats Paw Publishing House & Brothel) which I've been working on/off over the past several years. There are multiple cells, interiors, rooms, all based around the concept of a publishing house and brothel. It also has a ton of references to old games like Duke Nukem, Fallout 1 and 2, and other media. It includes:


- Main Reception Area
- Toilets
- Games Room
- Bar
- Kitchen
- About 8 different rooms for the girls.
- A dungeon.
- Maintenance Area
- Janitor's Closet
- Backroom Casting "Audition" Room
- Security Room
- 3 Themed HoloSuite Studios
- Printing Floor
- Generator Room
- Storage Room
- Meeting/Board Room
- Publishing Office
- Miss Kitty's Wing
- Elevator
- A "Bath" area which is unconnected right now.


It was supposed to be a complex quest mod where you helped Miss Kitty Junior run her business. Sort of like Coito Ergo Sum, which I was unaware of when I stated developing this mod and only became aware of quite late in development. It was supposed to tie in with Odessa's Sexout Soliciting. You can find the location itself in the Strip, next to Vault 21. There are a few placeholder NPCs running around, and the very beginnings of some quests which aren't implemented properly ingame that reflect that. But the main onus of the mod are the assets and the interior space.


Bear in mind, as this is an unfinished, WIP project, there are a lot of bugs and issues. The entire front of the building was placeholder. A lot of assets are missing, and the quests don't work. As I've said, it's more about the actual interiors and the space itself, and what you as a modder may wish to do with it.


Over the years I've realised this is just one of those projects I'm never going to finish. I've been holding onto the files hoping I'd muster the enthusiasm/will to finish it but it just wasn't going to happen. I'd like to offer a massive and sincere apology to both NepoznatiNN and A.J who put tons of time and effort making custom assets for me for this mod. BruceWayne also deserves a mention for the amazing female NPCs he made, which are included in a separate esm file. Many others helped too and I've credited the assets I've included here, all of which are free to use.


Basically, feel free to use this as you will, so far as you credit me for the environment and obviously all the people and assets I made use of myself.


Enjoy, and I'm sorry it took so long to do this!


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Good to see you around, CK. Thanks for sharing.

I have a few unfinished projects too. And whaddayaknow: AJ helped out one of them as well, and I eventually put it in the freezer, letting her effort go to waste. You're not alone in feeling bad about that.

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yeppers! Added space with navmapping can be handy... 


    The strip actually needs a few more spin off dive bars with a little gambling, could even link them to the existing strip factions, so not have to make all new tables, for gambling, and chips.

     Gomorrah Coffee House, or Top's bed and breakfast, Poor examples, but ideas.

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