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How to get Futa/Female events to use Male/Female animations?

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Ok so simple question with a, probably complex and difficult answer.


I have been wondering how to get ALL female characters with schlongs from SOS to use male positions in animations. The major problem is more like getting the list of animations expanded be just the "Lesbian" tag. I use sexlab tools and can select vaginal as the tag through it, which then has them play a "Straight (male/female) anim. However, to do this every single time an event starts is a pain. I don't want it to get rid of the lesbian anims outright, but instead it be able to allow for the male/female animations as well.


I've been thinking about trying to use the animation editor included in sexlab to adjust the tags, but to do this would be a very tedious task.


So i got to thinking if there was a way to use the settings in the MCMs to make all futanari characters have a "male" tag as far as animation selection is concerned. I have been able to do it before but then when i need to do a fresh save, i always forget how I achieved it. The only thing i can think of at the moment is to rebuild sexlabs strap-on database in order to get the game to treat SOS schlongs for females as a strap-on without equipping it to all actors in the animations or without it equipping calypsys strap-ons in tandem with an already equipped schlong. 


If i figure it out, I will post my settings here for others and future reference.


Any ideas?

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You are right that its a bit more complicated and your problem is two part.


The first is making all females with schlongs register to Sexlab as male, and some mods like SLEN can do that for you.


The second problem is the mod starting sex has to recognize that the NPC or your PC is a futafied male and request a male slot for that actor. Not all mods use the Sexlab gender and just look at the game gender. Can't do much with those but open Tools and pick a new anim.

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Thank you karlpaws, i never thought about using SLEN.


Also, I am fine with some mods using the game gender so that it can use the lesbian anims as well instead of just overwriting them.

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Honestly this is probably 10 x easier. Just load up SLATE in the menu.


1. Select each animation set. Specifically M/F interactions

2. Go down to section 3, click to add a tag, scroll to the very very bottom and select FF.

3. Click add tag in section 4


Do this for all animation sets. Keep in mind however, this is adding the Female female tag to all those animations, so if you happen to have 2 females who are not futa start a scene, they will randomly choose from any animation with the FF tag, which will result in air humping.


For me, all of my females in skyrim are futa, so this doesn't bother me. I changed all animations in sexlab to have the FF tag. So if 2 females or a male female start a animation, they will chose from all animations that use MF, and since you added the FF tag to them, so will the 2 females.


You can do this with all animations too, you can change all Anal animations to be MM. There is also the tag for Futa, so if a mod exists that only uses animations with the Futa Tag (only one I know exists with that tag), it will pull from that pool of animations.

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