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  1. Well, I had the idea to download OneTweak so that I didn't have to deal with Skyrim Not Responding locking up my computer and forcing me to usually have to open task manager and the sign out, then cancel. After installing OneTweak and running borderless windowed mode at a low screen resolution, currently 800x720 I believe, I rarely even crash. Seems like it might have been a hardware limitation
  2. Typically with Animal Mansion, you must start a new gamr without ANY of the Animal Mansion mods installed to help purge their files from your folders. Then start a new game after installing the version you intend to use. That last part is a common fix for any time you uninstall or upgrade a mod that has scripts. This has tended to work for me in the past. You might also try using a Save Cleaning software, I've not ever had to though.
  3. It's all in the wording, in my opinion and understanding giving the fact that I have had to study business law especially on the side of contracts and obligations. You have the liberty to talk about the mod and how you might have had to modify files in order to make them work for you. It simply means that you can't post the authors work on LL(distribute) or off-site (Redistribute). The best course of action is to contact the mod author and ask permission to post your modifications and ask if they have any stipulations to place, that is your obligation. However, no maker, digital or otherwise, can stop or punish you for helping others by explaining how to fix something, but the individual you are asking must put the effort in themselves. It is your liberty and obligation to help your fellow human, it is an unalienable right that should not nor ever be infringed upon. Again just my understanding and knowledge I have gained combined with my opinion. Sorry if you disagree, as that is your right.
  4. Really looking forward to this, there was a TBC mod for OldrIm on steam workshop at one point. It worked really well when I had it.
  5. Collision is caused by .xml files. If a creature doesn't have collision it usually means it's missing the .xml. you could try downloading AIO hdt vagina, it has an option for creature collision but it is a bit outdated for LE not sure about SE. I installed it first then overwrote it's files with updated mods. I have collisions on everything it's just the ABC dicks not showing, makes me think there is something wrong about how CFs arousal detection isn't finding the mesh for ABCs erections
  6. I'm having this issue with pretty much every creature even though I have MNC installed correctly and animations, the creatures all have testicles and sheathes but no penis. And have latest version of ABC.
  7. Well I am still getting occasional Not Responding CTDs, seems to be when I fast travel now. Log is showing that FNISSM is having a minor error that it keeps spamming, but it is a common error and doesn't really cause CTDs. I might just have to deal with it, just agitating since I didn't seem to have these problems before. Might just be a limitation of my computer at this point.
  8. I'm not much for coding yet, but have been around the forums for a while now. Now I know the mod "Radiant Prostitution" (created by mainfct and korialstraszbob, the picked up by WraithSlayer, now being worked on by -Caden- @ This mod allows you to work in a tavern with a couple options, primarily your PC recieves an Outfit that is visually identical to the one used by the Tavern wrenches in the Immersive Wenches mod found on the nexus mods site. (This mod is compatible with Immersive Wenches as their outfit is flagged to not add them to Radiant Prostitution/Gigolo NPCs so that only vanilla NPCs that wear the Tavern Wench outfit by default are also handled by RP/G.) Despite its name RP/G allows you to just serve tavern patron conventionally by bringing them requested food/drinks (I personally would like to see this expanded on by way of you receiving the items required to prepare the requested meals and being "punished" or harassed by the patron if you messed their order up). I believe that patrons have a chance to harass the PC on a scale from mildly to severely. The PC can also choose to offer (or be requested by) patrons more sexual services in exchange for coin. This has an already expansive system complete with its own leveling system with unlocks various quests and increases the amount of coin recieved (lots of settings in MCM). You can even ask the barkeep for a special sanctified amulet that you can give to NPCs to mark them as an actor for scene scheduling through RP/G. You can also set outfits as "Working Outfits" so that anyone wearing these outfits are included as actors for RP/G. So unfortunately as I can't currently help with creating the mod idea you have atleast I may have provided a link to a mod that might serve as a temporary if viable option until the mod idea you have is picked up.
  9. It appears I am missing patch v14 for beeing female v2_8_1. So my game is logging FWAbilitybeeingfemale errors and flooding my game with constant and redundant script errors. Mostly causing the CTD at the point that the script stacks become to full. Can't believe I forgot download this patch when I knew I needed it. Gonna try it and hopefully I can mark this solved. still curious what is trying to load assets from open cities though. None of my active mods are flagging it as a requirement through NMM nor LOOT
  10. OK just crashed, it appears I have something trying to call on Open Cities but none of my mods list Open Cities as a requirement. Also actually got a TESV.exe error that time. Photo in spoiler: Papyrus.0.log
  11. Still no crash, all I did was change my texture to a from a 1k to a 2k. That makes no sense at all. WTH was causing it.
  12. I don't currently have any minidump located there, even checked hidden. I've got papyrus logging and tracing on atm cause I know those are more useful. Also, no CTD on load when exiting out of the back of the main hall. I'm beginning to find this a curious case I haven't had happen before in my years of modding 😄
  13. Here are my crashfixplugin.ini and crashlog. crash_2020_09_02_18-31-09.txt CrashFixPlugin.ini
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