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  1. Will need to try this when I get back to Skyim, been wanting to play for awhile again. Just curious, is the Draugr in the picture part of the mod or was that some Draugr revamp used. I'd try for myself but probably won't have time to start a new game for at least a week or 2 due to work schedules kicking my ass.
  2. Just curious but I've been having an insanely hard time keeping plants alive outdoors in Strangeville. I try to keep them watered and tended but it seems like every morning I'm disposing of at least 2 plants. Its currently summer so its mainly hot, very hot, and heatwaves. I'm assuming those have adverse affects on plants? Curious if I do an underground cellar if they'd keep better?
  3. Asked in the larger topic above but no reply, asked in the uploaders page but zero reply and then they deleted the page to reupload everything (again). So just trying here, any idea what outfit this is?
  4. This was back in Sims 2 days, I could have sworn EA cracked down on TSR for having more of a Payment type where things were being locked behind a Paywall. About this time the ads got even worse because they couldn't rely on the payments anymore. Maybe it was another reason altogether or maybe not at all, again 10+ years ago my memory is hazy, I just remember reading about EA taking action for awhile. Again, if its a user making their own content, I'm perfectly fine with them, free or patreon exclusive. If its good I'd even consider paying for a month or 2 at a time. Its the ones wh
  5. AAAAAAAAAAARGH are you kidding me? One of the Sims is in her swimsuit, but not OFFICIALLY in the swimsuit. Well thats partially solved but STILL have random issues like this happening all the damn time
  6. Why is this job so damn hard to complete or just plain BROKEN? 90% of the time the tasks do not become completed. Right now I'm trying to take a group shot of 3 Sims in swimsuits. I have 3 housemates all in Swimsuits but every photo taken (On a tripod like it asks) do not check off the tasklist. I can submit photos I've taken but the take the photo task refuses to update. Second issue is, trying to actually TAKE a photo of a NPC is ALSO BROKEN! Half the time they'll either approach and wait and the Sim taking the photo does nothing, or the photographer has the shot ready but the po
  7. They rarely enforce it but I do believe they can strike down sites that are using a Pay model for their content. I believe TSR was one that they took action against. Memory is hazy that far back but I thought I read that EA forced TSR to drop their premium service, where certain content creators would be locked behind a pay service wall. EA is turning a blind eye at the whole thing probably because there is so much of it out there, but they could strike Loverslabs with a DMCA about all the Patreon links if they wanted to. Their TOS does say you cannot make money off their property and anything
  8. So I have the option for the Eco N.A.P things to be disabled for non-player Sims. However on the day the board closes, I keep getting the announcement that a NAP has won and will go into effect. Checking the current active NAPS the one that supposedly won is not listed. So it does appear that only the ones I vote for are still active, it just keeps saying others are winning but never put into effect. This happen to others?
  9. Try enabling free build mode. bb.enablefreebuild Otherwise should be able to place one with the tool mod. https://extratime.media/sims-4-tool-mod-change-apartments-tutorial/ Link is to guides on how to use it, just search for T.o.o.l mod Sims 4
  10. Could also go into WW's options and set the occurrence of how often a peeper shows up. I had a long period of time where one didn't show at all, but now its back to one of 6 showing up daily. I'll have to check my settings. Either way, you can control how often they show up, You can even invite him in to join in if sex is currently happening. Can also turn any sim into a peeper as well, I deleted Tom and Tina and made 6 or so Sims in my world as peepers.
  11. Draenei set for Sims 4 has hooves and horns and thicker tails. Look around her tumblr for wings and other things. The earlier version of the Draenei mod has thinner tails, current version is thicker. https://lunenore.tumblr.com/post/124608261541/draenei-horn-setsims4 Further down the page is the full set.
  12. I'll have to check and see if she's a perfectionist, I know 1 other sim is a perfectionist but I don't have them do paintings. Yeah, any painting they scrap is 50-100 simoleons loss because it costs them that much to start in the first place, and when they scrap one even at 500 value its annoying. I'll have to look into it, thanks.
  13. So I sent a 4 Sim household thru University and it seems like the Student loans repayment is, seriously aggressive. Like I could have a Sim wake up at 7am, pay their loans, then get a call 4 hours later saying "loan is past due, minimum due =" and I'd pay it again, and then a few hours later ANOTHER call saying the loan is past due. If I decide to ignore it, theres a chance a loan collector appears. Meanwhile one of the other Sims has never gotten a single call. So my thoughts are the game is defaulting to the current selected Sim and forcing them to always pay a loan regardless if they've pai
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