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Epic Video Game Music

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Continuing with jRPGs:

[Omen youtube vid]


I always used that as the background music of Ayleid ruins in Oblivion ^_^


Omen is one of my favorite compositions.  Then again, I'm a huge fangirl for anything in the Mitsuda lineup. Did you ever get the Creid album?  His variation of Omen, Melkaba (was that supposed to translate Merkaba...?) is amazing.




As for my two cents to the forum, since so many have already done the classics of Xenogears and Chrono Trigger (did someone do Magus's theme?  Lavos?) I'll add this little gem:


Xenoblade "Xanthe/Zanza"




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How can you link Mega man 3 music without including the best?



I simply think the ones I linked are better :)




And i really i like Gemini Man's theme best :D


Speaking of Final Fantasy, i have to say i like 13's basic battle music best.


Well, after 6's


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