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Epic Video Game Music

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Metal Gear Solid has had a lot a really good songs, but Heaven's Divide tops them all. Shame it was attached to a PSP title that few people played.



Even if it was a bit of a departure, this was the perfect song to sum up the Phantasy Star series up to that point. I really miss the more tragic themes and bitter-sweet endings that marked the classic series... especially II and IV, before they started going all "4Kidz generic Anime" bullshit and loli dressup party.






Japanese Harlem-Style Gospel Harmony? Yes, please!





Editing this one in, because to my shame, I've only just recently gotten Portal 2. Also, the animations this guy did were just too cute not to share.


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Hmmm, almost too many good game music to post it all...


Some nostalgia, one of the best SNES-Soundtracks of all time. Damn, that track rocks me every time, raise your hands at 1:30 and ROCK! B)



Keeping the vampire-Theme: Vampire Masquerade featured so many good licensed songs and made me fan of Lacuna Coil, though I post the most iconic for me:




And here the BEST Credit.-Theme in Game-History: Witcher 2, The End is never the same. Such a powerful theme, and so much like a promise that THIS story isn't over yet, and Geralt has still a score to settle! Just EPIC!



And, to let it fade out with yet another classic...whoever doesn't get chilled by these guitars is dead already... <_<


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Aw, damn this thread, seems now I get all nostalgic:


Let's have a listen to one of THE coolest NES-tracks ever:



And here a proof even good olg B/W-Gameboy rocked:



also quite addictive:



SNES-Music was awesome all around, this track is stuck in my ears even years after I touched that (similarly awesome) game



And back to the NES...Game was tough as shit, but that intro-music, incredibly addictive!


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Am I the only one who actually liked CV2?



It was too much of a departure from the original for me. Egoraptor's "Sequelitis" put it best when it came to Simon Quest's faults. 


But there's no denying that the soundtrack was good.


And now for some CV3




And another remix



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I quite like JRPG music; they usually have fantastic soundtracks, SquareEnix games especially.


Leddis3 already posted one track from Star Ocean 3 back on page 2, but here's another I love.



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I prefer the Music in Xenosaga II. I miss those games I wish they had done all 6 instead of stopping at 3, I also wish they would do a PC port for the three games I'd love to play them again.





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I prefer the Music in Xenosaga II.

The cutscene music in it was great, the in-game music not so much. But luckily the one who made the ep 2 cutscene music did the all music in ep 3






And from a different era, and completely different theme:


Game music was the best in the Super NES times ^_^

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