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I believe I've found the culprit for the missing mesh in cut-scenes mentioned by splat_phastkyl

I had the same problem, and so I made a comparison between our load orders.

The ring appears to be the "Refscope targeting token", a non-playable item. Ironically, I found out using... Refscope!

It is strange though, because it's not even reported as ring equipment, only as inventory item.

Clearly Refscope is incompatible with CLS.

I've also experienced the "stuck in lucid dream" issue, but now I got past that (it sorted out by itself somehow, reloading a previous save). The SI quest has not started yet. Never did spontaneously for me, exploring the Niben Bay is the only way I have to trigger the quest.

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A simple modification will make Refscope 100% compatible with CLS. All that is needed is checking the box "Hide Rings" for the targeting token (I did it also for the other clothing item, just in case). These items have both ring slots assigned in the editor, idk why. The other method would be assigning a mesh as biped model, like a common brass ring from Oblivion.esm (not tested, to be honest). Not sure if Refscope would remain masterless, in this case, so the first method is preferable I think.

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