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  1. Ha ha! Hello myuhinny, good to see you around.
  2. I thought I'd drop a few lines here to say hello to my old LoversLab's friends. I've been inactive for a long time, but I still live and breathe. You do remember me, don't you? Cheers
  3. I know this is a very old post, and there isn't actual support for this tool anymore, but I'm having the exact same error, and I really, really need to find a way to fix it. The mesh I'm using is the Argonian female head from CITRUS. I know this tool wasn't exactly made for use with this kind of meshes, but I tried using it on the CITRUS Khajiit head and it worked just fine. Also running it through Mesh Rigger works fine and the vertices are properly recognized; it's only Make_Lattice that throws that error and closes. Any help with this? Are you trying to convert a hood or helmet? Be careful with those. When the mesh is optimized something gets likely screwed up. About your problem with the lattice generation, I have no clue. Are you using a fullbody+head as template, or just the head? Try both.
  4. Normally MR completes its task in a few minutes (depending on the complexity of the mesh) and the console message keep you informed about the progress. If you're stuck, clearly something is messed up. Could be anything, from a wrong Python installation to a misuse of the tool. Your chances to get help would certainly increase if you provided more informations (OS and Python version, game, logfiles etc.)
  5. I read the op (all of it). I'm not writing this for advice or something, I am only surprised (probably because of my ignorance). I always thought depression carried with it some form of passivity and indifference to the outer reality, but from your tale transpires an extroverted person with a strong will. I wish I'd be able to change my habits and attitudes that easily as you describe, but that's matter for another topic. I wonder, your depression has been self-diagnosed? Have you seen a doctor? As for self-hate, well... I'm also a member of the club so I think I know what you mean. On the other hand I think a *reasonable* amount of self-hate is perfectly fine and... heathy. People who are practically in love with themselves are the exception to the rule, and are those who have the biggest problem, IMO. It's very difficult to get along with them. Assholes, it's what I call them.
  6. Version 1.0


    STATUS This is a WIP (Dibella knows if and when it will be completed). With so many bodies available is not easy to cover the entire set. This should be a good start, though. I've been randomly working at it for months before deciding to release the first version. I don't guarantee it's perfect; on the contrary, I welcome any suggestions or help aimed at improving it. I might also take requests if you want a specific body that is currently missing added to the collection. REQUIREMENTS: - LAPF - Setbody Reloaded - LoversJoystick plugin NOT REQUIRED BUT RECOMMENDED: - LoversSpermSplashEx - LoversHideMenus WHAT DOES IT DO? Simply replaces the futa meshes present in LoversJoystick's Data folder (hermaphrodites) with analogue female lowerbodies with strapon. Recommended for people who lack imagination, like me. Just kidding... I have nothing against the default assets, but it's always good to have an alternative choice. Bodies included so far: - HGEC M,L,LL and Original - HGEC GUTS_LIGHT and UHK - DMRA Original Additional resources: - DMRA GUTS Classic and SE these must be added through a custom menu in Setbody.ini, and are located in the CUST(om)\LowerBody subfolder. As such they don't need a backup. INSTALL INSTRUCTIONS Just extract the main archive (LJ Strapon Addon vx.x.7z) in your data folder and you're set. Included in the dowload section is a quick-restore archive with a backup of the replaced meshes. It's not necessary, but useful in case you want to restore the original futanari females (it's something I do myself from time to time). USAGE I understand this mod is not for everyone. As always, it's all a matter of personal taste. You need to have futanari enabled for this to work. This is the only thing that is really required. In Lovers with PK.ini, set xLoversPkrIni.Futa to 1 To increase realism and immersion, however, you can also follow these tips: 1. If you use a rape/combat sex mod, you may want to reverse roles in animations when offender is female. In LoversRapers ini file, for instance, this is controlled by the following line: set xLoversRaperSQuest.femaleReverse to 1 2. LoversSpermSplashEx is another mod that can come in handy, as you can disable the sperm effect for females. 3. Hiding the dialogues with LoversHideMenus also makes sense, to prevent mismatching between the dialogues and the animation currently playing (although the menus reappear as soon as you open/close the console, or switch to menumode). That's all, I hope you enjoy this little nothing I created in my spare time. FUTURE IMPROVEMENTS Addition of new bodies. Probably a better model for the strapon mesh, with better rigging (in some animations there's a good amount of clipping). Optional textures, perhaps. I'm open to suggestions. CREDITS The creators of HGEC and the countless bodies available for Oblivion gerra6 movomo ----> for SetBody Reloaded and LoversJoystick plugin (among other things). fejeena ----> for the strapon meshes used as base material. Vaelorian ----> for providing me assistance and valuable hints when requested. I appreciate the patience. LoverLab people ----> You know why, don't be silly. < NEW> I've decided to upload future small updates as attachment in the support page, rather than reuploading the main file. Remember, this is definitely a WIP and I'm all but satisfied with the results at the moment. My tecniques are improving slowly but the final version I have in mind will be definitely different from these "prototypes".
  7. TES4Edit reports 436 records identical to master. Unless the dirty edits are required to make the mod work, I'd suggest a good cleaning, that's probably the reason for the increased filesize. P.S. My usual cleaning method lowered the size to 10.44 mb, not much. I checked only the "conflict status inherited by parent" checkbox in the filter, removed the records identical to master, undeleted and disabled references. Only 12/436 records were disabled, though.
  8. I tried the original monstergirl some time ago and now that a new version is available I'm eager to test it. I'm not particularly fond of OCO, though. Can I use this mod without it? What should I expect if I do?
  9. Probably. Besides, while truly I wasn't able to watch the video because of copyright, the message said clearly that the restriction involved specifically my country (and possibly others).
  10. I believe the video was reported/removed more because of the soundtrack than the content. Have you considered using royalty-free music? I don't have links to provide, but there should be lots of sites that share free audio tracks.
  11. Thanks. I understand that sex and "Ragnar the Red" don't mix too well Nice character you've put together!
  12. can't play the video due to copyright issue
  13. Finally I figured out how to override hair assets with Blockhead. Unlike other body or head parts (which can be assigned PerNPC or PerRace), for hairs only gender variance is supported. The assets must be placed in the default folder. Example (Loose hairstyle): Meshes\Characters\Hair\Style05_F.nif Meshes\Characters\Hair\Style05_F.egm Meshes\Characters\Hair\Style05_F.tri Textures\Characters\Hair\Style05_F.dds Textures\Characters\Hair\Style05_hh_F.dds Textures\Characters\Hair\Style05_hl_F.dds Textures\Characters\Hair\Style05_n_F.dds Yes, yes... the screenshot:
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