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  1. try Kissanime instead.
  2. I'm having an issue where the boots on some outfits are missing/clipping after building the outfits in bodyslide and outfits Studio. I'm primarily having the issue with The Kite's armor mods but also on some vanilla armors. Here's a picture of what I'm talking about, thanks for the help guys. https://ibb.co/iQ0Pzm
  3. Help - Bee & Barb CTD

    You wouldn't happen to be using an older version of Interesting npcs would you? They had an issue where so many npcs would crowd into that cell it would always crash. It's been fixed in the latest version.
  4. 1- At what size are saves typically considered bloated? 2- At what size do saves become unusable? Thanks guys.
  5. I know you don't do art but have you thought about using anime style pictures from Gelbooru or something as assets?
  6. Try moving XPMSE.esp to the bottom of your load order and get rid of Immersive Armors. That mod is one of the single most bug plagued mods in existence.
  7. Blue Reflection

    We really need a no panties mod.
  8. HDT stretching fix?

    I haven't installed Skyrim for quite a while and I'm doing so because Someguy2000 started modding again. I remember back in the day when I used HTD I had a frequent ugly glitch where HDT enabled nps would stretch to infinity and then return to normal when they transitioned cells. Has there ever been a fix for this or is it still a problem? Thanks guys.
  9. CTD when trying to load save games

    Try putting alternate start as the very last plugin in your load order, disabling the alternate start expansions, and starting a new game.
  10. CTD at ansilvund burial chamber

    i uninstalled all my landscape mods and no luck. any idea where to go from here I found your problem, a pair of gauntlets in the chamber added by the immersive armors mod has a corrupt nif that leads to crashing on cell load. Disable immersive armors then re enable after leaving.
  11. CTD when trying to load save games

    What are your specs? If you're trying to play on a potato pc it's very possible your system just can't take the strain.
  12. Someone tried on Reddit and it's really really not recommended. Some Quests are hardcoded to force Garvey's involvement and killing him basically breaks the game.
  13. CTD at ansilvund burial chamber

    Something or more likely two conflicting things are modifying that cell. Landscape overhauls and quest mods would be my guess.
  14. Horny Werewolves of Skyrim

    Does the 2.2 non HDT file have females with 2 breasts or six?