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  1. Is this voiced? Also I can help proofread and edit if need be.
  2. Kriegera

    Sexout Breeder

    The sad part is despite being porn it's not a badly written story either. Hell I'd consider the breeder deathclaw storyline to be better than Fallout 4's main quest and that was supposedly written by "experts."
  3. I was playing through interesting NPC's and I realized that Josselyn (Zora Fair Child's sister) isn't covered by the The Kids Are Alright Interesting NPC's patch so I edited it to include her. Here's where it gets messy. The author of TKAA is retired from modding and he himself didn't receive permission from the interesting npcs authors so the patch was distributed exclusively on his blog as opposed to the Nexus. My question is can I upload my version here if I make it clear it's not my work and credit both authors in case others want it or not?
  4. Kriegera

    Sexout Breeder

    New deathclaw episode? Massive hype.
  5. Kriegera

    How to block youtube video ads?

    You probably use adblock plus right? They actually allow partner sponsored ads to go through, use this instead. https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/adblocker-ultimate/
  6. Kriegera

    Private Needs Redone

    Would it be possible for companions to periodically piss/wet themselves in combat too?
  7. Idk once every couple of weeks maybe?
  8. The carriage ride to Helgen is the single buggiest thing Bethesderp has ever coded. Don't even try to fix it just use an alternate start mod like live another life.
  9. Kriegera

    Foxy Skyrim

    I have that download already it's in Russian I need the English version of the mod.
  10. Since the author closed his Nexus account does anyone have the main file and the patches lying around that they can send to me? I'd really appreciate it.
  11. Half my games in Russian for some reason and I can't figure out why or what mod's causing it so I'd really appreciate it if anyone could help me. Load order attached. LoadOrder_Skyrim_2018-02-21T20-31-35.txt
  12. try Kissanime instead.
  13. I'm having an issue where the boots on some outfits are missing/clipping after building the outfits in bodyslide and outfits Studio. I'm primarily having the issue with The Kite's armor mods but also on some vanilla armors. Here's a picture of what I'm talking about, thanks for the help guys. https://ibb.co/iQ0Pzm