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What it does?
SKSE plugin that fixes some engine related bugs in game.

Installing & Uninstalling
Use mod manager or place the files manually. You need SKSE to use this. Remove files to uninstall.

What bugs does it fix?

Perks are applied twice to nearby NPC on loading a game. More info: https://requiem.atlassian.net/wiki/pages/viewpage.action?pageId=61472833

When standing still vertical look sensitivity is tied to frame rate. Higher FPS will reduce sensitivity proportionally. This can give the impression that horizontal and vertical sensitivity don't match up or that exterior and interior vertical sensitivity are different (due to the FPS difference).

Lip Sync Fix. Included here so you don't need to have both installed.

Fix Slow Time Camera. Included here so you don't need to have both installed.

(Optional - disabled by default) Cap havok FPS to 60. This can help against the "physics explosion" some people get after loading into a cell. This needs more testing, that's why it's disabled by default for now. You still need to limit your FPS to 60 even with this enabled!

Known issues
Don't know any, if you have issue with the mod post in comments.

How is this different from USLEEP?
USLEEP fixes content related bugs for example things that go in ESM, mesh files etc. This mod fixes bugs in the game EXE itself.

laserlemons from reddit - testing
ogerboss - testing & documenting perk bug
sheson - testing
Sthaagg - testing

1 - 01/07/2016

  • Initial release.

  • Submitter
  • Submitted
  • Category
  • Requires
  • Special Edition Compatible


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