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difference between UUNP and CBBE


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Hi there :)

i've been playing and modding skyrim for a long time now... but there is one thing that really puzzles me..

after some time i started playing again, searched thru the mods and found UUNP... some time before there was UNP and CBBE.. everything was clear :) different body types, needing different textures and meshes for items. UNP look nice, CBBE had bodyslide (this was the reason i used it .. sometimes i like my characters different)


now there is UUNP and even support for it in bodyslide... aaaand more and more mods are comming with uunp+bodyslide support, but no CBBE


so here is my question: what is the difference between the two? maybe UUNP has better sliders or... i don't really know :)

mayve someone here can help me to get an answer.


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There is really isnt much difference IMO, Some slight variations but its generally the same. Cbbe is popular because it can be customized in terms its the one size fits all mod. UUNP is nice I used to be a user but I never found a body that fit what I wanted, at the time when I was using only unp I didnt want a huge booty or double D boobs, its really all about taste but CBBE is much more customizable IMO.

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UNP and CBBE have different UV maps so you can't mix armors and outfits unless they cover the hips and breast areas or you will get nasty hip marks and nasty looking breasts. CBBE is more if you like unrealistic while UNP/UUNP is more realistic.

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Actually there is a lot of difference between cbbe, unp and uunp, which isnt just a bodyslide version of unp body.... cbbe was the bomb when bodyslide came out, tho unp has more polygons and looks smoother..... then came uunp bodyslide , based on unp body high polygon mesh and including cbbe sliders on bodyslide, but wait, there is more.... UUNP  not only supports cbbe sliders, but also includes a unique set of sliders that can replicate and mix almost every custom body type that was ever made in the history of TESV ... IMO the best choice on body mods at the moment

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