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  1. Hi guys, I got an issue, when I modify the leg/calf length on the XMPSE slider the animation gets oddly aligned, happens with most animations. Any suggestion on what should I do to fix it.
  2. Hi guys. Do you know any services that allow streaming adult content or adult games like moded skyrim?
  3. Nice body preset and textures. Is there a chance you can share them please?
  4. what body/face normal map is this from the original post? TY
  5. where can I find that thong mod?
  6. Hi guys, does anyone know how to play the reverse cowgirl animation in Osex?
  7. Hi! I'm a bit busy IRL lately, have you managed to solve it? Does the last version I uploaded have this issue?
  8. They look beautiful, did you created them in skyrim or using a 3d modeling application?
  9. TY Aza! This mod is what I've been waiting for so long! The sliders are so versatile, I even gave male looking pecs to my PC, something I've always struggled with on regular UUNP. BodySlide studio lags a bit, but it isn't a big deal, it is absolutely worth it. The generated meshes are gorgeous. I thought I was going to use regular UUNP forever, but this, this is the future! TY again! Never stop modding Aza!
  10. These are so hot! Keep up with the good work!
  11. TY! I just updated the mod. Generate the hooves again with Bodyslide studio, I added height to the ShapeData folder mesh. It was easy, I think, I'm testing them ATM. I'll try to realease a CBBE version soon, but I need the mod to reach a more stable version yet so I dont have to modify the CBBE and UUNP meshes at the same time
  12. I'm not sure how to do that yet, but I'll give it a shot this weekend.
  13. I don't know how to create followers yet, tho I'd be willing if I learned how to.
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