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Fallout 4 Modding State of Affairs

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This is an an attempt to cut through the bullshit of anti-Bethesda and mod thief rants, the ego and opinions, and the hearsay to get down to the bare facts. I admit I'm guilty of those things myself which is why I started this thread. Enough is enough. Let's set the facts straight about who is doing what, not doing what anymore for given reasons, and what's actually going on with mod authors and their work. All in one central thread.


Keep it civil. Keep it polite. Keep it factual. No baseless speculations, please. And no hijacking this thread for a rant, as a soapbox, or engaging in arguments with another member.

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Fuck it, let the whole fad of ripping people off blow over and become not kewl anymore maybe by november when call of dooky comes out again. It looks pretty good this time with space ships and space battles pew pew! that should get most of them away from us for a while.

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