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[Outdated] Lovers Magic 0.53 Re-Up

Guest Donkey

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First contribution.

This is Lovers Magic v0.53



Lovers MBP

Lovers with pk

LoversRapeSlave from the minor pack





Lovers Rapers


Installation Instructions


1. Extract the files to a temporary location.

2. Examine the folder structure and make corrections where necessary.

3. Copy files to (install folder)\Oblivion\Data\

4. Start Oblivion Launcher, click 'Data Files', place a checkmark beside the .esp file.


Uninstallation Instructions


1. Start Oblivion Launcher, click Data Files, uncheck the .esp file.

2. Delete the files/folders associated with the mod.




Lovers Magic is a magic mod who adds new options and spells.


To get everything started you need to go to mages guild in the Arcane university. there is woman walking around the Arch Mage lobby named Elemena Hurler she will sell you some stuff plus a book read the book then you will be able to utilize the power of lovers magic.


The spells are :

Status spell:

To look what he status of slave is.



Like when you had enough of him or her make her vanish.



Kill anything actually just the npc your targeting.


Summon sexdoll:

From version 0.42 this spell been changed to summon sexdoll.. Was previous resurrect sexslave. What this mod does resurrecting the dead enemy and turn them into a sexdoll.


This mod require some inept explanation since there is allot to do before getting to actually game play.


In your attack spell tab there will be 2 new powers added

1: LMDeath this one is straight forward kills your enemy instantly:20 substance from spell 4 self cast tab


2: LMVanish will make your enemies disappear in your very eyes. 20 substance from spell 4 self cast spell tab


Next in your touch spell tab:


2 new spells are added

1: LM:Rapeslave resurrection: This is probebly the one who is more interesting since you guest it the enemy you kill will now be resurrected as an sexslave. 50 substance from spell 4 of self cast spell tab


2: LM:Statusspell this one just gives you info on your target. 1 substance from spell 4 self cast spell tab


3rd is the self-cast tab:


7 new spells are added


1: LM:CreateAphrodasiac This create a substance that is needed for other parts of the self cast spells like sexslave potion. 10 substance from spell 4


2: LM:CreateCrystal this create some kind of new crystal witch even i have not tested yet, so will get to you about what it does. 10 substance from spell 4


3: LM:CreatePotion this is the sexslave potion be careful not to drink it not only does this turn others into sexslave but also you if you drink it. Don't know what the side effects are haven't tried it. 10 substance from spell 4


4: LM:LifeScuction this one is the most important of all the other spells since it activates everything this mod is about you need to use this in conjuction with the normal rape attack it will add a substance in your inventory this is needed for the other spells also when this is activated if you are battling your enemies 2 normal rape attack will probably kill them so now rape can actually kill you so be careful. well not for you but you enemies. :D


5: LM:Mikai L3 this is now shadow ability,will turn you fully invisible. Great for those sneak attacks. you need 10 substance from spell 4 to activate it or else it will neg you you don't have the necessary requirements to activate.


6: LM:SpiritSuction you can do the same for animals like spell 4


7: LM:CancelSuction turn both spell 4 and 6 off.


When i say substance it is the ingredient you get after sex or rape. This is automatically added to your inventory. Go sparingly with this. Rape now has consequents Every time the substance is added it will damage the other npc health so if he or she doesn't heal you will be able to kill an enemy or npc with this now. But with the other spell from your touch spell tab you can bring them back, back as a sexslave that is.


Change Log:

0.53 2012/01/26 Re-Up for lovers Magic


0.50 2011/04/15

"Immortal Lovers" Implementation

"Shadow ability" 1 minute specification changes consumers now 1SP


0.49 2011/04/08

Increased priority conversation (91 ¨ 86 the quest for the Priority)

Captain Renault to change specifications CSCP

"LoversMAGIC" locations for additional

"Dolls"fix function decline in vigor

Demon Sword "Idol skull" LV5 & Enchantment released until the additional

Get a vigor that has additional features of the Succubus


0.48 2011/04/05

Increased priority conversation (86 ¨ 50 the quest for the Priority)

"Doll" quest additions plundering attribute flags (default: ON)

"Dolls" magic roll after resuscitation measures

"Shadow ability" OFF effects even when consumed SP correct specification


0.47 2011-04-02

"Create RapeSlaveDoll" magic fix the spec to fire even if the target is alive

"Dolls" fix the words

"Dolls" When I come back to life and died in adding features 10SP

"Summon Succubus" SP consumption of the modified 0-40

Succubus the lines, additional features animal spirits trade

Also this plug-in got a much needed major dialog overhaul.. This is no longer machine translation


0.46 2011/03/27

Accompanying text correction

"LifeSuction" design changes, fatigue changes in the functionality we lost

"LoversMagic - play your suggestion. Txt" added

"Doll" added the lines, the mode change, giving and taking state reading vigor and functional implementation

(Level 2 621 Eros @ PINK like, thank you!)


0.45 2011/03/01

Minor changes accompanying text

"Dolls" bonus feature reduced vigor and vigor to implement the penalty

(Like the author occasionally hiyo, thank you!)


0.44 2011/02/27

Minor changes accompanying text

Suction System spell minor amendment

"SpiritSuction" Specification Changes


Small change log for v0.43

Minor amendment text

Suction system magic fix

H alter combat force calculation




Unknown Japanese Modder/modders who created LoversMagic


Support note


Alchmo was kind enough to make a new version of this one available who removes the dependency for MPB out of this mod. There could be some side effects with scripts because of this. That is why i won't support that version, so if you have any problems with this mod and your using his version:


Please don't come crying in this thread that my version broke your game. but report the problem to the appropriate creator here:


Lovers no MBP patches



You guys have probably already noticed. But because of other games and short space of harddrive.

I decided to remove all contents of oblivion to make space for other games like New vegas and skyrim


And because of this i no longer support oblivion or will update or create new content for it. Because of this

I give permission for others who wants to make new additions based of my work to continue with there progress.


The only thing i do ask. If you are using anything from me not to forget to mention my name, because i spend allot

of time creating those mods and translations.


Donkey Signing off for Oblivion..


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Nice job.


And just so you know, you don't need to include the version numbers in title either. Since you can update the download directly with new versions and just edit your file details with changelog or whatever. Or not, doesn't really matter. The options are there though.

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have you first activated the 2 spells like i said in the readme ?? if the 2 spells

LM:LifeScuction and LM:SpiritSuction are activated one will suck the life energy making you regain strength while the other will suck the essence of the npc and insert it in your inventory.

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Guest Donkey

Updated to the latest v0.45


0.45 2011/03/01

Minor changes accompanying text

\"Dolls\" bonus feature reduced vigor and vigor to implement the penalty

(Like the author occasionally hiyo, thank you!)


0.44 2011/02/27

Minor changes accompanying text

Suction System spell minor amendment

\"SpiritSuction\" Specification Changes

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Guest Donkey

LoversProsititute is not translated. as for madcompanion i still use the version translated by Hodoki on the old wolflore i think it was version 2.5 i am not sure. it hasn't been updated in while.

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Guest Donkey

There is no option to force them to drink it. just put it in there inventory they will eventually drink when they do the idle drink animation. That is why companion mods like madcompanion are recommended.

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Guest Donkey

Looks like the Russians been busy, right now play testing it and looks allot better. this is how life aura looks like


If you are hurt this will allow you to regain full strength after your raping an enemy.

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