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  1. I'm not sure what's causing it, but i'm having the same issue.
  2. Is it true..? Can I finally...? Touch Fluffy Tail?
  3. Implementing Building that produce custom jobs that produce custom resources is supposed to be pretty easy in this patch, so good luck.
  4. It's a part of Shattered Worlds options. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=imvNjavSb_4&t=79s
  5. Man, the Addition of Playable Dragons in Holy Fury is going to be a boon for this mod.
  6. Man, the Addition of Playable Dragons in Holy Fury is going to be a boon for this mod.
  7. Not to mention base game animal cultures. Dragons, Hedgehogs, Ducks, cats, dogs, all playable.
  8. >I have a few questions though, does alphamod and NSC2 work together? No, Alphamod is only compatable with Alphamod
  9. So apperently something went wrong with my character being reveled as a scion of the night wolves, and I'm supposed to report this?
  10. Hmm. Having a small problem with Cursed loot ATM. I've finally got my load order stable, but for some reason, I cannot acess the MCM menu for Cursed Loot or the basic Devious Devices mod arn't loading. At all. All I get is the splash page, and no sub menus. Every other MCM menu loads fine, so I know it's not SkyUI. and the Cursed Loot events still trigger, and the devices work fine. When I check my Papyrus Log, I did notice this bit that seems relevant. I attached a full paprus log Papyrus.txt
  11. Thanks for the great mod, mate. Though I have run into one little problem. Circlets do not look quite right on my poor Sharkmer, Riptide. They sort of fall over her eyes, and look a bit silly
  12. Hmm, with Mole Rat Broodmothers in Vault 81, you could do something with a faulty Ms Nanny wanting to replace the depleted stock after you gunned down all the rodents. I wonder if people will be able to do stuff with the Sharkphins that you see along the coast, given Dolphin predilection towards sex.
  13. The key system will be totally overhauled in 5.0. Rubber restraints keys will be gone, together with a bunch of others. Looking forward to it!
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