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How to kill a daedric prince ?


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Hi there guys !


I've got a problem with killing daedric princes !


So, for roleplaying I had to summon (by console commands) Sheogorath and Sanguine, now I can't kill them and I'm not happy about it, as their presence in Tamriel is an offense to  the will of my favorite Daedric Prince : Jyggalag (who is not even mentioned in Skyrim, what a shame).


So my question is : is there a way to kill them or getting rid of them ? (by attacking them or by console commands)


If someone managed to do it, please let me know. Thanks in advance !

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You can kill Deadric Princes but they don't stay dead like Aedra, they reform over time. Simple dremora as well. If you have any connection to a deadric plane like being a vampire or werewolf when you die, you will reform in coldharbor or the hunting grounds respectively. Any Prince can call you to their plane when you die if they like you enough.


Nirn is the only place that death seems final and you need to preform rituals to make it stick or you body can be raised or your spirit can be brought back. Like when the best Nords die they go to sovngarde which is in space around the deadric and aedric planes. Redguards go to the far shores. 


Death only really counts for Aedra in the elder scrolls.


In Skyrim they pretty much made them immortal, you can't even cheat and kill them they are too "powerful"



In TESO You kill Molag bal so he is forced to reform, it's funny cause as a spirit, he is still threatening you.


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You can select them in the console window and then use either disable or markfordelete although whether their will be consequences of doing that i don't know as i've never tried it :)


Would suggest making a back up and giving it a try

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"disable", as simple as that... too bad there isn't a way to kill them with an axe.


I think MarkForDelete is a bit too "clean" for my game, as I plan on summoning them again in Sovngarde.


Thanks for your answers !

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