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What do you do for fun when playing Skyrim?


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I am just curious as to how all of you lovely people spend your time in Tamriels most Norsome (heh, heh, Norse Awesome?.. What nothing? eh tough crowd) region.


Weather is be taking pictures of your character, doing quests, taking arrows to the knee, or role playing, tell all!

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I can't remember how long its been since I followed the main quest past Paarthurnax/Sovngarde.  Last time  I did, I killed him just to see what would happen.


Instead, I have a hobby now of trying out new SexLab mods and, once my new character gets some work under her belt, seeing how many NPCs and creatures she can have sex with.  Devious Devices was fun for about 5 minutes, but when I was captured, raped and bound by bandits at Bandit Gorge and couldn't get free, I decided I wasn't big on being tied up for extended lengths of time.


Still, in spite of that, I want to try a couple of the Brutal Prison/Skyrim slavery mods if I can get up the "want to".  I'm kind of a newbie all over again now that Sacremas has helped me fix all the CTDs and borked animations I was having.  I want to breathe deeply, enjoy the mountain air and kill a bunch of stuff before I get too deeply back into the sexytime.



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Testing LL mods, testing armor mods, recently started testing "balancing" mods, and some build and leveling route therocrafting.

Still have yet to progress the main quest past Dragon Rising...


I am not sure if you can call that fun...but I am still doing that every time I boot up the game.


Please send help

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Sometimes I go off and take screenshots. I have a profile in MO for testing mods I want to try out, so if I find something I like I do that. I mostly roleplay one character, with no fast travel and a bunch of difficulty plus slavery mods. 


I've never done the main quest. Not once.  :s  I have a warrior guy I made just for it, but he kinda sets there while I run amuck with my vampire that can't even enter a shop without someone raping him thanks to SD+, Approach and Attraction.  :lol:   

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The other day I found out that if you paralize a Tiger during it's leap, he jumps right over you and if you try and hit it with a FusRohDah before it lands on the ground, you may see it spinning madly.


Some times I like to play human turret and throw a combo of Ice storms at a dead Dragon's body to see how far can you throw them...


A lot of times I browse Sexlab trying to get the most hardcore rape mods along the line of Defeat + Anal + mortality + Wear and Tear... But I think there isn't more to It... those still don't quite cut it.


Tried making custom animations. I did expect it to become my new "Skyrim hobby" for a while. But after a LOT of troubleshoting, tweaking animations, so many steps, and doing the same things over and over again, just to get it in-game to see if it looks acceptable, got burned out of it before I got a well polished finished set... I guess this happens to a lot of animators as well. Even if you get to bottom of it and have working animations, it's still a very unpractical process.

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I guess like a lot of people, I'm always installing new mods that come. The thing is I really want to just sit down and play the game all the way through and do everything on one character but in a natural paced RP kind of way. But then something like Spears by Soolie comes out and I want to try that. But then it's got a horrible NPC bug so now I either wait for an update that may never happen (it seems like he abandons his mods after one or two updates like with Tropical Skyrim) or I have to forget about it and start a new game at the risk of starting over yet again if the update does happen.


With new vegas i can just install and uninstall over and over. I've had the game since it released and I've only actually beat it once. I've been trying to play the game all the way through, saving the main quest stuff for nearly last and then doing the dagonborn DLC which i have never even come close to touching yet. So I guess I'm just a person thats constantly modding the game and editting mods. Today is the first day I started merging mods (yay!) which I had no idea was so easy. So now of course, I'm going crazy with getting weapon and armors I've always wanted to have at once but didnt because i didnt want too many esps.

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95% mod testing/troubleshooting/game breaking, 4% sex, 1% everything else. I play dress up with my girls, trying out all the awesome LL outfits, try out new love shacks. I take pictures of the amazing sky. I probably take more of those than sex pics tbh. I find quests I haven't discovered since I got the game 3? years ago. Go through the intro sequence for the 405th time and bash my head against the desk. (Thank you alternate start :) ) Make a new waifu. See just what I can get away with climbing over. More sex. Yea, that's a typical day for me.

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I've gotten into the groove of just messing around now that I'm using colorful magic.

The other day I made everyone fight each other and turned children into my undead servants






I used to do absolutely everything legit, but now I'm more inclined to spawn in an armor set I want for role playing purposes. Like this armor for example.

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Got over 500 hours clocked up so far and after finishing all the main quests (got the legendary version so I've all the DLC's) I now try out mods, new quests, armour's and followers. I started on the mods simply because my char' was stuck at level 65 and I wanted to get the Ebony warrior quest and I've got 172 active.


The best follower mod I've found so far is Arissa simply because of the quality of the voice acting by Nikita Vox. Right now I'm trying Radiant Prostitution mixed with EFF and looking for the few things I've missed on the map and also trying to see how far away I can kill a target with a bow ;)

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I like spending time decorating player homes. I favor house mods that include a home building system for this reason, and I also really like using Painting in Skyrim to decorate my home with custom (naughty) paintings. Should I find a pretty lady that strikes my fancy during my travels, I also like to subdue them and turn them into living decorations in various states of distress using oli3d's Bondage Furniture and I'll Take the Display Model. Most commonly this means followers, but can also include prettified unique and generic NPCs, like Alva from the Morthal quest.

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I really like making my Skyrim super difficult and immersive. I turned off fast travel with frostfall.

I am on normal difficulty but I max out deadly combat and deadly dragons and some other mod that makes combat hard. Now I always run away from dragons and I can never run in to and slaughter a group of bandits.

It always require some thinking before I  actually fight something, and I die a lot. I like a good fight and it's actually quite fun like that.

I also created this gladiator type arena on creation kit where I can customize a tournament and its fighters.

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