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Oddly Dark Female Heads

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So, for some reason, the heads on a large number of NPCs are not agreeing in color with the CBBE body meshes installed.  I tried using this http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/6554/?to modify the faces, but it didn't seem to take.  Perhaps an installation issue.  Regardless, what sort of face meshes do you use with CBBE bodies?  Would you recommend the Citrus heads mod instead?



Redguards work just fine



But Nords don't...



...And neither do Imperials.



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No this is an old bug, it usually has to do with old NPC head nifs. For some reason, Skyrim likes to cache NPC heads. There's a certain folder in meshes/actor which contains them I believe. Often you also have to conform the new head in creation kit when using changes to NPC heads or skins. Shift+F4 on the actor or such. You're best off searching dark NPC heads on the nexus forums, it's been solved there a hundred times over.

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Do you use Mod Organizer?

Then you have to make sure that any conflicting Resource files on the left are in the same order like their Plugins on the right.



ApachiiNPC Mod      -----    Othermod.esp
xxx                 -----    
OtherNPCmod v1.0    -----    ApachiiNPC.esp

OtherNPCmod v1.0    -----    Othermod.esp
xxx                 -----    
ApachiiNPC Mod      -----    ApachiiNPC.esp

If you use NMM (or manual install), it might be that your NPC mod comes in a .bsa archive while another mod comes with loose files - that way the facetint and facegeom files from the loose files always win.



And old mods like Apachii for NPCs might have other problems, best use something more recent like Inhabitants of Skyrim (Version 1 or 2) which also uses Apachii hairs. Chances are that your mod doesn't even contain the necessary head data required when making any change on an NPC's appearance.

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Are the affected NPC's ones that have been changed by a mod?  If so, you have an issue with your save game and the NPC's .nif file.  


Every NPC has a .nif file that is usually found in: meshes/actors/character/facegendata/facegeom/skyrim.esm.  


The way I understand it, save games save the NPC's face geometry and applies the saved geometry to the NPC's upon loading.  The issue is that when you put a new .nif file in the game, it won't always get applied because the save game is trying to apply the old face geometry that's no longer there.  The result is that weird dark head bug.  This has happened with me for multiple mods including EEO, Inhabitants of Skyrim - NPC Overhaul and RS Children Overhaul.  This only really happens when you load up a mod that changes NPC's, then overwrite its changes with another mod.  


A good way to test this would be to make a completely new save game and maybe even disable the NPC mods and see if they are still discolored before and after enabling the NPC mod.  

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