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ShowPoseMenu - play all poses you have from one menu


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I looked to see and it doesn't seem this has been getting much western attention yet, but this mod allows you to play all the animation mods you have with just one pair of rings instead of having to using a billion different rings for each pose set. I've used it and tested it out a little and it works perfectly. i haven't encountered any bugs so far.



Anyway, i just thought i'd share it/spread it for those interested




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Well does it remove the rings from the other mods? TBH i don't have any problems setting all the rings to favorite for posing sessions.

And if i ever want to play the game again, i wouldn't run it with any screenarchery mods.


One problem could be that this mod uses an outdated version of Pinup Poser. And it says that NPCs cant leave the pose animations.

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aren't those pose slider's just inside showracemenu? or have i missed something and u can use them in game too?


been using old halo's poser with mcm since haven't found found new one for the new halo's poser

Your character stays posed after you exit RaceMenu until you jump.

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Guest toymachine

I never could get halo/pinup to work because I had a similar issue without the error message. Animations were generated through FNIS tool and all.


I get Aloe poser to work.


And I rather use RM to select a pose than carry a bag full of rings. Less messy + with EFF you can set a pose on a follower through the EFF menu options. I'm certain this works for halo/pinup as well, but as I said before, I could never get those two to work. They won't work on followers with sliders either so something is up. But Aloe poser does work with RM and EFF. Unfortunately only works on followers, not other NPCs. For that you'd have to do the ring/spell routine.

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