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  1. I also can't download it. And the mega link sends me to this thread?
  2. that's happened to me a few times before, issue can be a few things but it sounds like one of the files has not been associated properly, which mod is it? I downloaded the outfit collection here and tried multiple mods, all of them just gives me an invisible body. As an example JP Swimsuit mod: I put the JP swimsuit folder into outfits folder and JP swimsuit.outfit file into the outfits folder too, still invisible body. No idea what I'm doing wrong
  3. When I install a mod from the collection the body is just invisible. I tried downloading a mod from another source and it worked without a problem. The way I install those is just dropping the folders and the .outfit file with the same name into the outfit folder. What am I doing wrong?
  4. Is there a way to adjust penis size? And this probably has nothing to do with this mod but anyone know how I can edit my sim nude in the character creation?
  5. Got it from Dianne's conversion thread for CBBE http://www.loverslab.com/topic/52828-diannes-bodyslide-conversions-cbbeuunp/
  6. Racemenu CBBE body with Bodyslide 2 SG Female textures SG HairPack True Brows The Eyes of Beauty
  7. I'm stuck where Lurgi says "Right, lets get started" after my arrive at the estate. It just opens the dialogue option and I only get normal gag dialogues. They are just standing there doing nothing after the dialogue.
  8. Getting stuck when the guard says "now get back to work" after he introduces me. NPCs don't do anything and I can't move either.
  9. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1806959651/the-dark-brotherhood-resurrection-part-2/posts "Despite my best efforts to make sure this project was 100% in compliance with both Kickstarter Guidelines and Bethesda's Terms of Use for their Creation Kit, I have been asked by Bethesda's legal department to cancel this Kickstarter project immediately." Hope this will get cancelled too.
  10. Does it have lesbian option? It seems like it's focused on female players, but a romance mod where I date a guy is not really my thing. nvm it does not..
  11. So did someone here or the previous thread create an orc already? Or can someone do a pretty one maybe? I can't use the search function for orc cuz it's not 4 letters. >_>
  12. Hi, this is my Redguard Jamirra, I thought I share it here. I use CBBE HDT Body with Fair Skin complexion, the other mods are listed there, have fun! Jamirra.rar
  13. And which mods did you use? This is not the "Show your character" thread.
  14. What a fucking joke of a thread xD
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