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  1. This is a photo of a real montain! Can you make the list of used mods? Thanks in advance!
  2. Hi all, I'm looking for sites (also asians) with mods for the Special Edition in addition to Nexus. Can you help me compile a good list? For Skyrim I knew these: EiheiSpot Skyrim Modtype Robton's Mods
  3. Good job! What the name of the male armor?
  4. Nice work! It's a pity only for overly dark pics :/
  5. NTK

    Black Desert #1

    Me too, maybe... I don't like a lot grind-game... :/
  6. I CTD at start with 0.17. With the old version i didn't have no issue
  7. NTK

    [XCOM 2] Mod index

    What the outfit of the girl on the left in the 4 image?
  8. Would be nice have a thread that summarizes all the skin textures for CBBE with screenshot/comparison. Don't you think?
  9. Guys, please, use spoilers for your images, or thumbnails at least! Thanks.
  10. What textures? http://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/9810/? Thanks, but that textures look better on you chars !
  11. I didn't know that command. Just read on the console commands list. Thanks, I'll try it!
  12. Is there any mod that scrap all scrappable things in Sanctuary with only one command? I find terribly boring scrap only one thing at a time!!!!
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