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Can NMM and MO coexist at the same time?


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I am about 3/4 the way through the game, using NMM, my mods are very Sexlab oriented, but my 10 year daughter wants to play and I don't want her seeing certain stuff or casting certain spells. I promised her that I would set up a profile for her once I get MO, but I am taking longer to finish the game than she likes. Can I set up MO put up a basic profile for her and still run NMM till I finish this run through? thanks for any thoughts. 

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Experience from a long-term Skyrim PC player:


NMM is wildely used and recommended because it's easy to set up addons with that program. You just click the activate button, hit the "replace all" button if asked and poof, done. Problem with NMM: Installing an addon alters and/or replaces the files of another addon. Now what if you discover those two addons not being compatible? Well, shit happens, happy reinstallation. MO allows you to simply move an addon up and down in the list, making it possible to erase compatiblity problems tied to installation order with an ease. Basically, after a clean Skyrim installation, you can just install all the mods in whatever order you like, load up a backup of MOs load/addon lists and it's all set again.


The only thing MO doesn't like sometimes is starting a fresh new game, but that only happened to me after changing the language. The program works by virtualizing directories to leave all files untouched and as they are. So even "replacing" in MO doesn't mean the file that addon A loads won't get overwritten/removed when addon B loads the same file.


I had to reinstall Skyrim like six times from scratch, including addons. Six times 75 addons. Why? Because always, after some time, NMM started screwing up with the files somehow, randomly not showing addon lists anymore and whatnot. After MO, I installed Skyrim one last time from scratch to have it clean and fresh, installed my addons, made backups of the load orders and it was done.

And yes, MO also allows programs like GenerateFNIS.exe, CK etc. but you have to launch it all through MO; so it virtualizes the directories for that program.


After all, it works smarter than NMM does because of how it works compared to the latter.

So, as someone who plays Skyrim for over 3 years now: Get MO.


PS: AwfulArchdemon is your guy if you need help with MO. If he doesn't want to help directly, just show him a pair of natural, big boobs. Always works.

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If you do use MO, just hide your profile somewhere she'll never look while you're not using it. Or, make a separate Windows Profile for you and her. That way you can have your Win profile leave all adult content restrictions off, and block all "bad" content on her account.


There's no way to block your profile in MO from her, and no way to add your own password to it either, so if she loaded your game, she'd see porn :P


Why not give her her own MO, and hide yours? Multiple MO's will work fine. You won't have problems or anything. MO's portable. You could even make your MO file 'Invisible', so it can't be found without typing in the actual file path into the Windows Explorer. ;)


If she won't use mods (I recommend the Patches and Sexy Windhelm, Solitude, etc for excellent textures on buildings, not...the other "sexy"), then just hide your MO, and let her play as usual, with a vanilla Skyrim, though that would be mean when the game can look a hundred times better. :angel:


You have a few options. I'd ditch NMM. With MO, Import a mod (give her her own mod folder if she wants mods :P), and activate.  Just as simple, and MO issues can be solved by simply asking me or my Team on my MO thread (the link is in my signature), and let's not forget about Tannin's thread on Nexus, but you'd find trouble with the almighty admins there if you ask about LL mod issues with MO. :-/


Plenty of ways to hide your mods. Which will you choose? :ph34r:



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